EMDRIA-MN Regional Network

One facet of EMDRIA is their regional networks. EMDRIA-MN is the Regional Network covering the state of MN. Its purpose is to support the effective use of EMDR, through encouraging continuing EMDR education and networking among regional EMDR therapists.
EMDRIA Regional Coordinators organize meetings, at least one a year, to bring EMDR practitioners together to share information and ideas relating to EMDR. This is a unique opportunity to get to know the EMDR practitioners in your area and develop a network among them. Usually the meetings also include an educational program, typically providing EMDRIA CEUs.
Regional Networks are conducted as nonprofit events. Any donations or fees requested to attend any meetings are strictly for the cost of the meeting only. Regional Coordinators do not make a personal profit from these meetings nor are these meetings a fundraiser for EMDRIA in any way.
Participants at the Regional Networks are not required to be EMDRIA members, nor are they required to join EMDRIA. It is expected, however, that participants be trained in basic EMDR methods from an EMDRIA approved training and/or be an academician and/or an academic researcher within a related field.
The Regional Coordinators for EMDRIA-MN are:

Beverly Johnson, MA, L.P

Susan Schaefer, Ph.D.

Jill Strunk, Ed.D., L.P.

What is EMDRIA?

EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) is a professional association which, among other things, establishes standards of training for EMDR, supports research, and establishes criteria which must be met to achieve status as a Certified EMDR Therapist or an EMDRIA Certified Consultant. EMDRIA in the US sponsors annual four-day international EMDR conferences to help clinicians stay current with knowledge relevant to EMDR, to hone their skills in all phases of EMDR, and to expand their abilities to use EMDR effectively and appropriately with special clinical populations. EMDRIA in other areas of the world, including Canada and Europe organize similar annual conference.

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