EMDR Basic Training

Susan Schafer Ph.D, LP (of Midwest Center EMDR Training and Therapy) is now offering EMDR Basic Training and consultation for the integration of this highly effective approach into clinical practice.

This training  program offers complete basic training in EMDR (including  the EMDRIA* required 10 hours of consultation) through lectures, practicum experience and exercises.   It has been designed to spread  learning and skills development over four two-day modules  (Friday and Saturday) within a three month period of time.  Other EMDRIA approved training programs offer intensive three or five day formats that compress basic EMDR training.  Research on learning and training shows that after two days of training, one’s ability to retain new information drops quickly.  With this EMDR clinically focused training format, there are more opportunities for review, consultation and repeated practice of key perceptual, conceptual and clinical skills.

This comprehensive training format includes the 10 EMDRIA required consultation hours in developmental increments over the course of the training.  Many other EMDRIA approved training programs require scheduling and payment of these consultation hours  in addition to the training fee.  Participants receive a training manual with extensive training notes, essential clinical forms, detailed procedural scripts, references and resources.

This model also elaborates on topics including extended resourcing, trauma brain, attachment disorders and dissociation which helps in working with more dysregulated clients for trauma processing.

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