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EMDR Certified in Minnesota?

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EMDRIA Approved  Consultant/Trainer

Midwest Center for EMDR Training and Therapy Susan Schaefer PhD, LP EMDRIA Approved  ConsultantTrainer All Inclusive Basic EMDR Training Program (Part 1, Part 2 and 10 hours of consultation) Fall 2018  Dates: Sept. 7-8 Sept 28-29 Nov. 9-10 Nov. 30-Dec. 1
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Did I Lock The Door? Treating OCD With EMDR Therapy, Exposure and Response Prevention, and Ego State Therapy

  OCD is a notoriously challenging condition to treat, in part because exposure is not enough to extinguish the high levels of anxiety. Research clearly indicates that response prevention, simultaneously with exposure to obsessional thoughts, is needed to eventuate extinction or reduction of anxiety. Dr. Paulsen teaches how EMDR Therapy can potentiate the anxiety reduction through desensitization and reprocessing, making an arduous treatment not only efficacious but time efficient and more comfortable than pure exposure and response prevention. Additionally, OCD sometimes appears to be a response to developmental trauma sequestered at ages when magical thinking is normal. In such cases, ego state maneuvers will help access the locus of developmental arrest at the time of trauma, and disarm loyalty to the aggressor as manifest in perpetrator introjects, where appropriate. The workshop describe the taxonomy of the disorder, details the specifics of treatment of O…
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