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Interrupting the Generational Transmission of Trauma

Presented by Karen Alter-Reid, Ph.D. July 10-11, 2021   9:30-5:00 CST For patients with trans-generational trauma histories that include oppression, war, slavery, genocide and immigration to a new culture, it is important to develop EMDR treatment plans to address trans-generational wounding and adaptations. How does the clinician know when to focus on trans-generational trauma in their treatment plans?  This presentation will help the clinician locate transmissions by: 1) attending to the affective quality and content of the patient’s narrative; (2) understanding symptoms of trans-generational trauma; (3) learning how to do generational genograms and; (4)  investigating the presence and nature of their tribal narratives.
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This training will provide EMDR therapists with an in-depth understanding of the neurobiology of chronic pain and how chronic health conditions resulting in chronic pain are the result of repeated disruptions of the body’s systems.  The therapist will develop an organized framework to treat these effectively by enhancing their use of the EMDR Pain Protocol and maximizing their use of the Standard Protocol.  Therapists will further learn new nervous-system-driven interventions.   May 15 & 16 9-00-5:00
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