EMDR Books

Many resources are available to help you learn how to be better EMDR therapists and customize your practice to specialty populations.

At least 50 books have been written about EMDR, from Francine Shapiro’s basic textbook to many describing EMDR Specialty Protocols. Most books are written for clinicians; however, several, including Francine’s latest book Getting Past Your Past, are written for laypeople.

One good source to find all of Francine’s books and many others is the store on the EMDR.com website.  The EMDRIA.org and EMDRHAP.org websites also offer books and materials.

You can also go to Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com and put EMDR in the keyword search box. Dozens of EMDR books will come up.

In addition to books, DVDs and CDs are available for EMDR clinicians. Some are listed on the EMDR.com website. The EMDRIA.org website provides the opportunity to purchase DVDs of presentations from the International Conferences for the last several years.