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The best healer and the strongest healer both entered the room and soon exited. With a puzzled face. Faced with questions from anxious people, they can only give some vague judgments, such as "very strange", "abnormal", "no mental fluctuations" and "not clear what the current state is". Is Mrs. Millie dead or not? Joseph's loud voice nearly drew a sword from Garan, and if it hadn't been for Xinluo's dead stop, the Crown Prince would have splashed blood on the spot. If you don't die, you'll be half disabled. Madame is still breathing and heartbeat, but. The oldest doctor shook his head and whispered, "In fact, Madame's present state.". It's not an injury, it's not like poisoning, but it's unconscious. I've been practicing medicine for fifty years, and I've never seen such a situation! In the room, Mrs. Millie was lying on the bed with a calm face. There is no change in the beautiful face. Like a delicate spirit falling into a deep sleep. But she couldn't wake up despite all the efforts of the treatment people. Even the Psychics couldn't find her mental waves. It seems that she has become an unconscious body. Somehow, with a thump in her heart, Xinluo suddenly remembered someone in a similar situation, the prisoner of the Eastern Continent who is still sleeping in the secret prison of Gru! Since the lifting of the petrification,Narrow aisle rack, from the Luo.. The brake has been unconscious for several months. 。 Although he was "poisoned" and Mrs. Milly was stabbed by a fine needle, the situation was very similar just by looking at the coma of the two men. But, but shouldn't be! Li Luo. She was in a coma because of the poisoning of Princess Nana. But the evil woman is dead! Could it be that she had some loyal subordinate who was waiting for an opportunity to retaliate, so she picked Lady Millie to attack, so as to give Saifel the heaviest blow. Xinluo shook her head and drove the terrible thought out of her mind. If that's the case, then Saifel will break her heart and her closest mother will be in danger because of her, and she will blame herself to the utmost. Thinking of this,Warehouse storage racks, Xinluo could only secretly pray that her guess would not become a fact. The worst guess is correct. Found the bodies of some of the maids! Shortly afterwards, the investigating officer sent by the State of Georgia to the adjutant's home arrived to report the discovery under his courtyard. After the coroner's examination, most of these poor women were buried alive in a coma and suffocated to death! And on their bodies, the coroner found many small holes made by sharp weapons. As soon as the four words "coma" came to her ears, Xinluo shivered. It sounds like the adjutant was deliberately trying to deal with Lady Millie in this way, so he used the maid at home as an experiment, just to test the effect! When some strange things found in the adjutant's house were displayed by the investigating officer, Xinluo's face suddenly became very ugly. Controlling the intelligence system of Anji Island, she can naturally recognize that there are one or two crystal clear exquisite ornaments, which are the most commonly used contact tokens in the Jade Pavilion! Although it was impossible to determine whether it was a token of the Jade Pavilion or just a coincidence, Xinluo's heart had been greatly shaken. Really, the adjutant was really a subordinate of Princess Nana? "Lord Xinluo, I have just received news that the island of the Freedom Alliance is being attacked by the East Continental Fleet!"! At present, Industrial pallet rack ,Pallet rack supplier, the alliance's defense is strong, and the other side has not taken advantage of it, but the cabinet hopes that Miss Saifir can end her affairs in the country of Georgia as soon as possible and return to the alliance to personally command. "Lord Sinro, urgent summons for Luny Island!"! The fleet that attacked Luny Island has been wiped out, but it seems that Miss Saifel.. It's like a serious injury and a coma. "Ah, your Highness, young Lord, Miss Luoshui, no good!"! The Soth Navy encountered a strong enemy on a routine patrol in the coastal waters. The other side had a powerful sorcerer, and the patrol fleet suffered heavy losses! Your Highness, Your Highness, quickly! Your Majesty calls you to the palace! There was a chaotic sound of footsteps, and half of the people outside Mrs. Millie's room were missing in an instant. The East Continent is no longer just lurking harassment, the war is really coming. But the more urgent the time is, the more troubles there are! Xinluo sighed unconsciously and slowly held her forehead with her right hand.
Miss, are you all right? Please come back safely, because you are needed here very much! Chapter 7 Section 80 Shadow of Death The war came, and the clouds hung over the whole coastal area of the western continent. From the Bering Pass in the north to the vassal city-states in the south, the order of the highest vigilance was issued rapidly, and the whole country was mobilized. It's just that they don't have time to help the Freedom Alliance for the time being, because it's the trading center of the country of Gru, Port Thos, that has been beaten miserably by the sorcerers of the Eastern Continent! The house where the Anki islanders lived was suddenly quiet, and all the others left except the doctors who continued to observe Mrs. Millie's condition. In the whole mansion, Xinluo became the most powerful decision-maker. The adjutant who assassinated Mrs. Millie had a jade ornament shaped like a token of the Jade Pavilion, which proved that the remaining evils of the Jade Pavilion had assassinated for revenge, or that someone had deliberately misled them to cover up the real conspirators behind the scenes by pouring dirty water on the dead. In this case, Gerrent's suspicion could not be cleared, the Freedom Alliance lost its top military officer when it was attacked, and Miss Saifel, the only one who could make decisions, was seriously injured and unconscious. The more Xinluo thought about it, the more headache she had. After circling around the room for a long time, she finally made a risky decision. The door of the cell was pushed open with a squeak. In confinement, Gerrent raised his head, and a pair of charming and evil eyes came straight into his eyes, which made his mind buzz and his heart shake. The fleet from the East Continent is besieging the island of the Free Alliance. I'm really worried. Major General, can you help me defeat them? The beautiful little demon fox squinted with a pair of peach blossom eyes that seemed to be smiling, and stared at him with ambiguous and eager eyes. Yes. My beauty, I will defeat them! Major general desperately nodded, heart blood surge, wish to draw out the sword now,Pallet rack beams, will dare to let the beauty of the East mainland bastard killed all! The western continent counterattacked the invasion of the eastern continent. The first large-scale war was carried out under the command of a major general who had fallen into the art of flattery. This historical fact was the most ridiculous and difficult to write in the brilliant achievements of Marshal Gerrent, who became famous in the mainland in the future, but it was also the most talked about gossip lace. omracking.com