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Female Devil Online Collapse Book [Quick]

As long as the victim is not personally done it is very simple to find evidence as long as you want to find it as long as you have the funds No matter is the song family or the jue family is not short of money so less than half a day has been thoroughly investigated the evidence is placed in front of everyone Qu Xiaoying contacted people outside and tampered with the brakes of Luo Man When the mileage reached a certain time the brakes of the car would be completely out of order I just didn't expect Jueyuan to drive away Xiao Ying you Qu Mu Petrochemicals still can't believe it Qu Fu "I have nothing to say I didn't expect you to hurt your sister so much!" Jue yuan's parents were also silent In any case they watched Qu Xiaoying grow up and she had always been treated as a daughter-in-law before Who would have thought that she would do such a stupid thing I felt cold all over for a moment Qu Xiaoying cried with a handful of snot and tears and finally knelt down to beg for mercy Mom and Dad I know I'm wrong "Uncle and aunt" Can you forgive me I don't want to go to prison He was kneeling and crying and he looked discomfited 1314:“……” "Is she going to prison" What the plot has collapsed into Qu Xiaoying who had successfully married the leading actor expelled her "vicious sister" and enjoyed her rich and powerful life has now become an out-and-out murderer 1314 Give up treatment completely Luo Man looked at Qu Xiaoying's tearful appearance and shrugged his shoulders "Maybe" 1314:??? It's all like this What else is there Luo Man went back to his room and said with an expressionless face that he wanted to rest In the eyes of others she was too painful In fact she was bored and went back to her room to play games More than an hour later someone knocked on the door of Luo Man It's Qu's father and mother Qu's father's expression was not very natural and he was finally pushed by Qu's mother but he still reluctantly opened his mouth Manman Dad knows that this will make you feel wronged That's it Can you turn the page Forget it Chapter 144 a vicious sister dressed as the wrong woman Can you forget it As soon as this word came out 1314 could not listen to it even regardless of whether the plot collapsed or not How can you forget it! Qu Xiaoying but want to kill the female devil the female devil is so weak helpless and pitiful almost lost her life pitiful to see Sorry emmm it's a little too exaggerated The main thing is that it seems to be funny to see the female devil's upper body and it is also addicted to drama Luo Man did not speak but looked at the couple like this Qu's father under the gaze of his own daughter broke out a layer of cold sweat in front of his forehead and the whole person was extremely embarrassed a feeling that did not even appear when playing chess with the old fox in the mall In fact even if Luo Man did not look at him like this Qu Fu also felt very embarrassed He did not want to come over to open this mouth but Qu Xiaoying was really crying too miserably plus his wife was also crying while shouting to die to live Qu's father was finally forced to grind After being looked at by Luo Man Chemicals Suppliers Qu's father could no longer speak Even if Qu's mother pestled him several times over there he didn't move for a long time Say it yourself! Sighed heavily put down such a sentence to Qu's mother and Qu's father turned his face away He doesn't want to be involved Let Qu Mu face this biological daughter Qu Mu is more uncomfortable similar to the kind of before she ignored Luo Man love and now asked her to be uncomfortable However this discomfort is nothing in front of her most naive and kind-hearted daughter Xiao Ying who has been raised since childhood Keep a straight face Luo Man your uncle and aunt as well as Jue yuan all said that they could not pursue it "Be generous too Xiaoying is still a child Let her be your sister" "Forget it" Luo Man raised his eyebrows "Are you an adult or a child" "I didn't mean anything else I was just curious to ask Why do you look so angry" I'm talking about Qu Mu Qu Mu Okay she's not mad She's not mad
Luo Man's eyelashes droop slightly "everyone has forgiven Xiao Ying ah I am not a person who cares" "So you mean it's over" Mother Qu heard the whole person here a happy completely not to hide has begun to shout outside the door "Xiaoying Xiaoying come in quickly it's all right!" Outside the door was a thin figure Qu Xiaoying In fact she had been listening to the corner and when Plant Extracts she saw Luo Man her eyes flickered and those who did not know thought she was the victim Qu Mu "Xiao Ying it's all right Don't be afraid" "I'm not a person who cares but I've already called the police I don't know if the police uncle cares" Luo Man slowly came out with such a sentence Qu Mu opened her mouth wide "Ah why did you call the police" But before the words of accusation were finished there was a loud splash Qu Xiaoying originally the whole person was on the verge of collapse after the ups and downs finally can not bear heard Luo Man after the alarm fainted Qu Mu screamed and shouted and Luo Man added "I made a joke" Qu Mu Not only did Qu Xiaoying faint but she also couldn't bear the ups and downs "The host doesn't seem surprised at all" After sending people away Luo Man played mobile games again and 1314 hesitated for a moment or asked To be precise the female devil seems to have known for a long time that everyone was going to shield Qu Xiaoying This completely leaves 1314 scratching his head Why is that Why do they still protect Qu Xiaoying when such a big thing has happened Because Feelings Luo Man answered briskly Even so Qu Xiaoying still has a different weight in the hearts of those people Emotionally Qu Mu will certainly intercede for her and Jue yuan will also look at the previous situation and give up pursuing it In fact the original body is bound to lose to a certain extent globalchemmall.com