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I sighed helplessly and corrected for the N + 1 time: "Xiao Li, how many times have I told you?"? It's called Mommy. In my arms, like an angel, he blinked his big watery eyes. "Is that bad?" I almost didn't let him fall down right away. This baby is a copy of his father, Baoxi. Xiao Li, the lovely baby who is now coquettish in my arms, is the child of Baoxi and me, and the youngest son of all my children. His name is Yun Moli. He is 5 years old this year. Smelly little Li!!! How can you be so selfish to take over Mommy's hug!!! Get out of here! Xiaoxuan at the door let out a deafening exaggerated roar, and then ran over angrily, pulling Xiaoli desperately, trying to pull him out of my arms. Not to be outdone, Xiao Li pulled me by the collar and shouted, "I don't want it!"! I don't want it! The possessive Xiaoxuan in front of me is not an ordinary strong Xiaoxuan, but my daughter with Mo. Her full name is Ning Yuexuan. Although she is only 6 years old now, she has a vague style of my years-loud voice, good gambling luck, fierce, articulate. The only thing I have not inherited is my obsession and persistence with money. But Xiaoxuan didn't forget to inherit his father's strong possessive desire, which is really a headache. Why don't you two be good after watching for a while? Xiao Feng, who was only 8 years old but very sensible outside the door, shook her head and sighed like a little adult. She came over and took out Xiao Li,Narrow aisle rack, who was in my arms and refused to go, and put her beside me. She put Xiao Xuan on the other side of me and sat down. Xiaofeng, that is, Shu Yifeng, we should not forget it? Shuyang and one of my children, my oldest child. Damn The voice of a tender voice came, but the owner of the voice said a foul language that was extremely inconsistent with her age. I was embarrassed,heavy duty warehouse rack, and a drop of sweat as big as a bean fell from my forehead. "Xiaoya, I've said it several times. Girls can't use foul language." Lesser did not listen to my words, so she came in angrily, sat down on the stone bench, poured herself a cup of tea, and gurgled from her mouth, "Ya!"! Ying and Xuan, the two who killed thousands of knives! I used my ledger to make a paper boat! It's so ***ing uneducated! Damn it I'm speechless. Whoo ~ T ^ T Well, I'm wrong. I shouldn't always use foul language in front of my children. It's too late to change now. The child's foul language is more fluent than mine. -_-| | | Alas! Another flower of the motherland has been wasted. At this time, Xiao Ying and Xiao Xuan laughed at the door, "Ha ha ha ha ~ idiot ~ how can you still not change the habit of sitting there?" Uh, no, isn't it.. Xiaoxuan moved her buttocks, and then her face became darker and darker. Duguying, Duguxuan! When the storm came, Pallet rack upright ,pipe cantilever rack, Xiaoxuan took off her coat with lightning speed and chased Xiao Ying and Xiao Xuan like oil on her feet while breathing fire. Xiao Ying and Xiao Xuan did not forget to scream at the top of their voices. Xiao Ying and Xiao Xuan put glue on Xiao Xuan's stool again. -_-! OMG, here we go again. Will they die if they fight one day less? Why don't I even have the right to live a peaceful day. I wailed hysterically in my heart. Xiaoya, Ying, Xuan. There was a familiar silver in front of my eyes, and then I heard the familiar voice-it was seven nights. Whoa, whoa, whoa-Brother Night! Xiaoya screamed without image, and then I heard the earth-shaking voice of Xiaoya throwing herself into the arms of Seven Nights, and Ying and Xuan stuck to Seven Nights like super glue and refused to let go. Well, I admit, I'm not as good as seven nights in the hearts of children. T ^ T is so embarrassed. Brother Xiao Qi! When the children, who had been sitting quietly beside me, saw Qiye appear at the door, they immediately rushed over like the wind on their feet, threw themselves on Qiye and rubbed their faces desperately. Mother, don't put on such a disappointed look.
"Xiaofeng's voice sounded in my ear, I mechanically twisted my head to look at the past, I saw Xiaofeng's warm smile that comforted me, I was moved to rush over, tightly hugged Xiaofeng," Xiaofeng ah ~ or you are the best for me!! " Have to say, Xiao Feng really inherited Shuyang's perfect gentleness ah ah ah! Moments later, I crossed my mouth and looked discontentedly at Xiao Li, who was in the arms of Seven Nights. Come on, you were in my arms just now, but now you only have your seven-night brother in your eyes and forget all about your mother, me? What a bunch of disloyal guys. Mom, can you tell me about when Hyun and I were born? The shadow suddenly flashed in front of my eyes, shaking my hand, coquettishly shaking my hand. I smiled and touched Xiao Ying's head. "Of course." So I thought back to that day. "Whoa!"! I'm not giving birth!!! A sound comparable to killing a pig broke out in the palace of the Moon Kingdom, and the earth shook three times. What to do? What to do? What to do? I was caught off guard and wandered back and forth outside the room. "Please, can you stop for a moment?"? My eyes are dazzled. I really don't understand why you and Shu were so nervous when Haner gave birth to a child. He said with a puzzled look on his face. How do you know if you haven't experienced it?! Shang and Shuyang shouted to Mo, who immediately put on a superman flying look, "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, I'll be here soon." Baoxi looked at his starry eyes and asked heaven in silence. Whoa, whoa, whoa ~ ~ ~ "The earth-shaking cry of the baby sounded, and when I was about to kick the door in, my pig-like screams sounded again," TM! How can there be a cockroach?! Whoa! Why is there another one!!!! So, in the room, I stared at the'ancient cockroach 'who greeted me above my head in horror, screaming, and then, screaming,Industrial pallet rack, I pushed hard, and finally the child came out. The child was Xiao Ying, and the one who was born first was Xiao Xuan. The names of Xiao Ying and Xiao Xuan were given by Shang and Seven Nights. omracking.com