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Had it not been for the fact that Zhou Tian had a corresponding advantage in speed, forcing the stone to be very difficult to cope with, it is estimated that the stone would have said that nothing could have created those mud and stone giants to limit Zhou Tian's speed. And in this case, if Zhou Tian's advantage in speed becomes more and more obvious, then Panshi will naturally be more difficult to cope with. There is no doubt that the effect of time ability on speed is obvious. Not to mention that Zhou Tian had a great advantage in speed at that time, even if Zhou Tian had little advantage in speed, after the time ability began to increase in his speed, it would be enough for Zhou Tian to throw away his opponent in speed. As a result, as soon as the time field unfolded and played its role, Panshi's movements slowed down, while Zhou Tian's speed suddenly became much faster at that time. Panshi did not expect that Zhou Tian would suddenly use the time field, and as a result, because he was not prepared for it, he naturally suffered a series of attacks from Zhou Tian at that time. In this way, when a large number of Zhou Tian's attacks continued to fall on Panshi's body, soon according to his attack speed, Zhou Tian succeeded in leaving a large number of scars on Panshi's body. Unfortunately, Panshi's defensive power is still as strong as before, in front of its strong defensive power, Zhou Tian's attacks fell on him, and ultimately failed to kill him. As a result, under Zhou Tian's surprise attack, although Panshi was injured, it was not enough to pose a threat to his life. And then just as Zhou Tian had to deliberately guard against not letting Panshi know the reason for his action,304 stainless steel wire, according to the strength of Panshi, the effect of the field power on it was already quite limited, if Panshi had been prepared in advance, when Zhou Tian used the time field, it would not have any effect at all. As a result, although Zhou Tian relied on a surprise attack, his ability to rely on the time field brought him some harm when Panshi was unprepared. But in the end, Zhou Tian's action at that time was still somewhat tricky, so after Panshi reacted, Zhou Tian would never have a chance to hurt Panshi with the help of time ability. Are you insulting me by using the power of the realm against me? Panshi was very angry at that time, after all, when the strength reached their level, stainless steel welded pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Wire, the strength of the field level was not enough to see. Although in the same power system, the existence of people like Panshi in battle is basically a direct elimination of the role of the field and a direct use of certain rules to fight. (To be continued.) Chapter 491 the principle of theocracy. Zhou Tian uses the time domain ability to attack Panshi, which is like two gunmen in a confrontation, one of them suddenly takes out a nail clipper to attack the other side. Although it is not without lethality, but after having been accustomed to high-level power, when the other side suddenly takes out low-level power, it will naturally feel a little unaccustomed at that time. And in the case of Panshi completely despising the power of the field, Zhou Tian really hurt him at that time with the help of the time field. It's like letting the other side get hurt by nail clippers in the Gunners'duel. Even if the wound is so small, it can still be said that Panshi has been hit in the face. Originally, because of the reason that Zhou Tian could not be taken for a long time, the stone was already feeling a little impatient. And in this case, at that time he was also injured under the low-level ability of Zhou Tian, you can imagine how angry Panshi was at that time. Unforgivable! According to Panshi's pride, he was already a little dissatisfied with his failure to win Zhou Tian's performance in a short time. And in this case, at that time to see Zhou Tian actually according to such a simple ability to hurt him, the stone will naturally feel extremely unwilling. In this way, according to the situation at that time, after making up his mind, the stone soon launched a corresponding counterattack against Zhou Tian. Compared with Zhou Tian, the inside story of Panshi is much stronger.
Zhou Tian in the use of his usual use of those abilities, in the case of a stone, the new ability even to use the power of this level in the field. In contrast to his case. The ability of Panshi will be much more than his. Although Panshi has used the ability to pose a threat to Zhou Tian several times before. But that does not mean that at that time the stone is already used with all its strength, in fact, then according to the inside information of the stone, its ability is too much, as long as he has that heart, then even if he wants to take out a few other abilities, it is estimated that there will be absolutely no problem. As a result, in anger, Panshi directly broke out a stronger strength at that time. As soon as the momentum rose and closed, the time ability that Zhou Tian acted on him at that time was broken by Panshi according to his strength. And then. After breaking Zhou Tian's time ability. At that time, Panshi directly made a relative counterattack against Zhou Tian's action at that time. A powerful breath of destruction suddenly emanated from the body of the stone, and then when Zhou Tian had not even figured out anything, the stone launched a corresponding action directly to Zhou Tian. Divine right, destruction! When Zhou Tian fought with the stone for a period of time, he did not fall into the downwind at all. Unexpectedly, Panshi used a familiar and unfamiliar ability of Zhou Tian at that time. At the moment when his voice fell. Zhou Tian's body suddenly began to collapse. It was as if Zhou Tian's body should have collapsed at that time. When the other side used his ability, Zhou Tian, who had no resistance at all,mirror stainless steel sheet, found that his body had let the other side collapse into a basic factor at that time according to his ability. Just. Then the ability to play a role in that stone, directly after Zhou Tian was killed, Zhou Tian's immortal body began to play a role at that time. sxthsteel.com