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Although they have been brought up by their mothers since childhood, they have never tried to talk with women of the same age, not to mention that she is different from her master and aunt, like saying a few words loudly can frighten her, this feeling of treading on thin ice is a little strange, but also dispelled the desire to talk with her. If you feel uncomfortable, remember to ask the mothers-in-law to pass on the imperial doctor. Nodding, both of them were trying to adapt to the awkward atmosphere. Your Highness.. The bodyguard wanted to report, but he didn't want to see the Crown Princess. Seeing that the situation was a little ambiguous, he could not help stuttering a little. "Everything is ready, and my subordinates will retire!" Low head hurriedly step down, the general bodyguard is not allowed to enter the inner palace and the east palace, today because to travel with the prince, then set a precedent, who would like to encounter this kind of thing! His fists shrank behind his back. Unexpectedly, he used to talk with fervor and assurance. Today, he was at a loss by his wife. It was really a joke. "I'm leaving." "Your Highness, take care." Hands on the side of the door, slightly blessed. Looked back at her, although she was still dodged, but he smiled, Liu Boyao did not understand why he would laugh,Oil Dropper Bottle, but looking at the back of his departure, seems to have a kind of inexplicable confidence-he will be all right! The third volume of the eighty-four Destiny II. He dare to come so rashly to rescue the master, not without preparation, as early as after the master was captured, he has been prepared, this time to come mainly to bring the master back to Nanyue, another thing is to save the state of Wei in prison a person named Fang Liang, it is said that this person has the talent of Anbang Dingguo,Blue Bottle Serum, but because of the ancestors and Yuchi royal feud, so he is not willing to be used by Wei, Later, he was detained for accidental injury to human life. Perhaps the reason for growing up in the women's education, people have always felt that Yue Beinan is still a child, it is unexpected that he will do so many unknown things over the years, first in the armed forces to gain prestige, then make friends with the Khan King of the nomadic tribe, and form an alliance with it, so that the north of Nanyue is connected as a whole, so that Wei and Jin are afraid, and in private his disciples are countless. Also do not know how he is to attract these strange people and strange things, in short, the situation of each country is mostly in his mind, so this trip to Wei, even if not 100% sure, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,cosmetic packaging wholesale, is also seven or eight out of ten, although Wei, Jin in Nanyue's eyes and ears are not few, but even if he intends to do, must be fully prepared. Wei is not familiar to him, after all, he only came once when he was three years old, although his biological father is the emperor of Wei, but he can only be a traitor here. Longitudinal horse galloping on the plain, pleasure oil, holding the reins, waving the whip, feeling the wind passing quickly by the ear, everything is so exciting, here, one day will be his world of Nanyue! Riding a horse over thousands of ravines. He left the attendants far behind him. He has never been a quiet man. This is inherited from both the father and the mother. If he is an eagle, he should fly higher in the sky, and if he is a beast, he should become the king of beasts-this is his life creed! It was midsummer in June when I came to Weijing. Although Fanzhou was already prosperous in the north, it seemed to be a little worse than Weijing. After all, it was an ancient capital for hundreds of years. Shops and restaurants along the road were close to each other, and people were crowded, which showed how the people's livelihood was. Yue Beinan turned up the corners of his mouth, which added to his desire for some kind of possession. The place where they rested was a humble courtyard. A total of two, after entering the door, someone came to meet, a line of people threw the horse's reins and went into the house. They did not rest, but immediately attracted the owner of the house, that is, Yue Beinan's eyes in the Wei capital, after learning about the recent situation of Yuchi Huali. Yue Beinan immediately decided to act that night, and the soldiers were divided into two groups. He went to save the master, and the other way to save Fang Liang. It's not that he has no patience, but he also knows how many people in Wei are paying attention to their whereabouts. He has to face more than his father tonight. And his brother. And the famous uncle of the Wolf King, although he didn't want to admit it, but in fact.
3G.+ ? Huaxia Net Netizens posted that he wanted to show them how he could save people from them and leave them helpless. This was the only time in his life that he was self-willed and the last time, whether it was to prove himself or his unacknowledged resentment with his mother. Let's make a complete end this time, which is also his gift to his mother. That night, Wei Chi Rong was sitting in front of the main hall. This courtyard was his other courtyard in the capital. It was also the place where Wei Chi Hua Li was under house arrest. He had just got the news that someone would come to attack at night tonight. Just as Yuchi Huali was overjoyed to throw himself at Yue Beinan, who had loosened his mask of black cloth, the doors and windows of the bedroom were wide open, and Yuchi Zun and Yuchi Rong stood outside the door, all coincidentally somewhat unreal. Wei Chi Zun had imagined many possibilities, but none of them could see his son at this time. He placed a complex hope on his son. He did not want him to be too outstanding, but also wanted him to be outstanding. If possible, he actually wanted him to settle down in the north! For the sake of their mother and son, he even had the idea of giving up the idea of leveling Nanyue. Yuchi Huali held Yue Beinan's skirt tightly. She was afraid. She was afraid that Beinan would be planted here. Why did Yunxi agree with him to come to Wei? This place is more dangerous to him than a dragon's pool and a tiger's den. What on earth is she thinking? Yue Beinan patted the master on the shoulder and motioned her to relax. He leaned over to go out. Yuchi Huali grabbed his clothes and refused to let go. If someone would die tonight, let her go. He was still so young! "Master, why haven't you become like a woman for years?" Head down and laugh softly. The brat still had time to talk and laugh,30ml dropper bottle, but she wasn't in the mood. "I'll hold them for a while. Be smart." Yue Beinan smiled, "Mother said that you must not be hurt." Yuchi Huali's nose was sour and her tears flowed out. She always cried differently from others, which often made people feel puzzled. Are you my master? He blinked twice as hard as he did when he was a child. Court death 。 penghuangbottle.com