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"Hiss.." A black "color" light then "shot" from one side, instantly linked to the body of a dark demon grey-eyed wolf. Click. The "-845" strategist felt a pain in his body, and a blood mark immediately appeared from his body. The damage of the "-845" slowly floated up. After landing, the strategist quickly stepped back to avoid the second blow of the dark demon grey-eyed wolf. At the same time, the strategist looked to one side gratefully. The black feather against the sky used shadow aggression against another dark demon grey-eyed wolf at the critical moment. Feeling uncomfortable, the strategist wanted to step back a few more steps, but at this time he found his footsteps as if filled with lead, especially heavy. Suo "sex", the strategist also did not retreat, in situ began to attack the dark demon grey-eyed wolf, at this time, the strategist's six-eared snow fox and the shadow black wolf of the black feather against the sky also rushed over and joined the battle. As a result of the loss of the target, the dark devil grey-eyed wolf also began to fight back against the black feather and strategist, two people can not help but look at each other with a slight smile. For this side is relatively stable, strategist hastened to look at the back of the past, want to see how the situation over there, turned to look at the time was not startled, I saw over there at this time has not left a few dark grey eye wolf, carefully counted, only six dark grey eye wolf is still fighting back, and around them,Nail machine manufacturer, is more than three God sent to summon the skeleton sword knight, More's tail also became three, at this time the whole body is surrounded by crackling electricity, faintly, the strategist found something wrong, in the six dark demon grey-eyed wolf in the opposite direction in the attack of the same kind, thought for a moment,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, the strategist understood, Tianci used his second occupation skill. As the strategist was watching, Ruoshui and an arrow pierced the heart and took Aisha and the giant bear to turn around from there. Then Ruoshui smiled and said with a distant smile, "Strategist, Tianci said there are not so many people there. Let us come and help you." As he spoke, he arrived at the side of the strategist and began to attack the dark devil, the grey-eyed wolf. With the help of Ruoshui and an arrow piercing the heart, it was not so troublesome for the strategist to deal with the remaining four dark and grey-eyed wolves. The strategist breathed a sigh of relief and then said, "You killed so fast over there. There are only five left in the blink of an eye. How did you kill them so fast?" The strategist asked curiously. When asked, the strategist knew that the credit was absolutely on the God-given body, but he could not guess the specific process. Of course, it's our Thor God-given brother who has great power. With him, only our group can attack others. Where can others attack us? An arrow through the heart said with a light smile, from her tone of voice, the strategist could not tell whether an arrow through the heart was teasing Tianci or praising Tianci. Oh, iron nail machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, then you say, I listen, hehe. The strategist smiled and asked with an arrow through the heart. Whew, I was really shocked just now, Tianci suddenly used the Star Mark Fen Shen, Hee Hee, no way, used to see, thought he was going to use the Bloody Attack Massacre skills, we were all stunned at that time.. Said Ruoshui on one side. Volume 3, Chapter 176: Challenge Qualifications Who's Information Chapter 176: Challenge Qualifications Who's Information "But we didn't see Tianci's Thunder Sword dyed blood-red, so we gave up the idea that Tianci would use Bloody Attack Massacre. For a long time, Tianci's Fen Shen was used to use Bloody Attack. We really forgot the true meaning of Star Mark Fen Shen." An arrow pierced the heart and then added that the skill of Star Mark Fen Shen is that Fen Shen can use all the active skills given by God after three seconds. There is still a lot of room for choice here. So Tianci and Fen Shen began to join forces to attack the dark demon gray-eyed wolf in front of them, and at the same time, we also saw that in the middle of a circle of paralyzed dark demon gray-eyed wolves, there was a dark demon grey-eyed wolf marked with the number '1', and then there was a' X 'marked with a forbidden attack, although we did not understand what the' X 'meant. But we still began to attack the dark devil, the grey-eyed wolf of the number '1', according to the wishes of heaven.
"If the water said slowly," three seconds later, all the dark grey-eyed wolves recovered from paralysis, but Moore also came to their side at this time, when Moore has three tail transformation, Moore's speed that is a fast ah, I saw a flash of white light, Moore from all the dark grey-eyed wolves flashed again, hey, the dark grey wolf entered a state of paralysis again. As soon as the storm came down, the dark demon grey-eyed wolf died immediately, and at this time the dark demon grey-eyed wolf of the number '2' was also marked out, so we continued to attack the dark demon gray-eyed wolf of the number' 2'. "Also at this time, earlier that only marked the 'X' of the dark devil grey-eyed wolf suddenly attacked the same kind, and Tianci's doppelganger also disappeared, we just thought, originally Tianci this is to use the occupation skill to use the star mark doppelganger, and when Tianci came over, he had a skeleton sword knight beside him.". In this way, in just two seconds, we have killed another dark demon, the grey-eyed wolf. As Ruoshui spoke, it was hard to hide the pride in his heart. "The rest is simple. The bull comes back with full blood. Tianci joins the battle with the Skeleton Sword Knight. Those dark and grey-eyed wolves seem to be in a mess. They attack the target separately. They don't concentrate on attacking the target. That's better. These wolves are more difficult to deal with at first." A few minutes later, the battle of the Dark Devil Grey-eyed Wolf was over. Looking at the Black Feather against the sky with a Shadow Black Wolf on the left and a Dark Devil Grey-eyed Wolf on the right, Tianci could not help joking: "Oh, you really deserve to be the Black Feather against the sky. The two wolves are very consistent with your character. It seems that you are very congenial." Squinting at Tianci, the black feather against the sky chose to remain silent,Coil nail machine, and Tianci these guys stayed for a long time, the black feather against the sky also knew that silence was the best way to deal with these good and boring guys. Sure enough, Tianci was embarrassed to scratch his nose after he saw the black feather ignoring him. He really forgot to joke with the black feather. You have to be prepared to talk to the cow. 3shardware.com