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"Yes." Jiang Heng looked at him and smiled. "You make me salivate." "Drop your sister's saliva, rinse your mouth and get rid of the smell of smoke in your mouth." Shen Fubai was extremely disgusted. Jiang Heng all according to him: "All right, all right, all listen to you." In the future, I will listen to you. Chapter 103 falling off a horse. Shen Fubai spent this New Year's Eve at Jiang's house. He has been alone for many years and is used to being alone at home every reunion night. Li Jie and Xiao Lin went back to accompany their families, and he stayed in his big house to watch the Spring Festival Gala and eat snacks. This seems to be his first real Chinese New Year. Jiang Fu, Jiang Mu, Jiang yuan, Yang Yingying, Heng Heng and him. Six people, compared with some big families, is not too lively, but it is rare to have a human flavor. Jiang Mu and Yang Yingying cooked in person, made a big table of good dishes, and served them steaming hot. The fragrance assails the nostrils, and the index finger of the hook moves greatly. There are bright fireworks outside the window, and 20 years of Spring Festival Gala is playing on TV. The whole family is happy and happy. Shen Fubai held the chopsticks and buried himself in the rice in the bowl. Jiang Heng shelled a shrimp, dipped it in vinegar, and put it in his bowl. "How can I eat without vegetables?" Mother Jiang greeted her warmly,cosmetic plastic tube, "Come on, eat more. Don't think the food cooked by Yingying and me is not delicious." Shen Fubai looked up and said, "Ah, no." He ate a mouthful of crystal clear shrimp meat, showing a look of amazement, "Who made this shrimp?"? It's delicious. "Yingying did it." Jiang yuan has a proud face. Shen Fubai smiled and continued to eat, this time the action was much more impolite. What do you need to be polite to your family? After twelve o'clock at night, Jiang Heng said to him,pump tube, "Happy New Year." Shen Fu's white eyebrows and smiling eyes: "Have fun together." "Mr. Jiang." He bent his lips. "Please give me more advice for the rest of my life." When they first met on the set, he wanted to say, "Please give me more advice in the future," but he made a slip of the tongue. But it's not a slip of the tongue, it's just saying what's in your heart. Jiang Heng grasped his hand, gathered his eyes lightly, and said what he had wanted to answer but had never said. OK - One day years later, Jiang Heng sat on the sofa watching TV in a warmly decorated candy house. Shen Fubai lay on Jiang Heng's leg and played with his mobile phone, watching videos with headphones in his ears. Jiang Heng asked him to pay attention to his eyes. Shen Fubai watched the video with relish and said, "It's all right. Just watch it for a while." The latest address of 123 Liyu Township is http://www.liyuxiang123.com. Text Reading in Volumes 157 Looking at it, Shen Fubai suddenly laughed out loud. Jiang Heng is helpless: "See what is so funny?" "You see, you see, all the netizens on Bilibili are talented people.". Any fairy clip can be found here. Shen Fubai sat up and unplugged the earphone. "Look at this." Jiang Heng muted the TV with the remote control board and watched the video with Shen Fubai. After the broadcast of "Tangli Flower", eye cream packing tube ,empty lotion tubes, the tragic ending really made the vast number of netizens feel uneasy. A lot of video clips of the two men appeared on the Internet. In addition to official matches, there are also many self-sprouting cult matches, such as Yu Tang X Lvshao, Yu Tang X Lisheng, Yu Tang X Shen Nian, and even the devil organization of Chu Yu X Shen Nian. But the most popular is still the official match. These two really match a face, plus the ending in the play is really too regrettable, people really can not help but want to give two people a satisfactory. At the beginning of the video, the rain falls from the eaves. There was a thunder in the sky, and the beautiful young man in the room suddenly sat up and woke up from his dream. He was alone in the night, his body trembling and slightly frightened. The music begins to play here, and the accompanying BGM is the "floating white" sung by Shen Fubai. The next scenes are all clips from the play. Yu Tang babbled in the attic, Yu Tang drew his eyebrows lazily in front of the diamond glasses, Yu Tang threw his sleeves around Chu Yu's waist, and Chu Yu grabbed the sleeves and pulled them into his arms. They hugged and kissed in the alley and made love to death under the lights. They have spring flowers and autumn moon, summer insects and winter snow, and beautiful flowers and full moon under the eaves in front of the porch. The up host perfectly bypasses the sadistic scenes in the play, and only cuts the sweet daily life of the two people, which seems to be really sweet. The bullet screen is crying so sweetly.
When night fell and thunder rang outside again, Yu Tang shook his body unconsciously and was quickly embraced by a warm embrace beside him. Don't be afraid. Chu Yu coaxed him softly, "I'm here." Yu Tang shrank, moved into his arms and pillowed on his chest. "Young master, will you always be here?"? I always worry that when I wake up one day and you're not here, I'll be alone again. Chu Yu said softly, "I'm here. I'll be with you in this life, and I'll be with you in the next life." The picture is dark. The music stops. Jiang Heng thought the video was over, but the progress bar showed that it was still there. Within three seconds of the black screen, a series of questions floated through the bullet screen. Bullet screen: Is it over? Black screen?? The progress bar tells me that things are not so simple. Don't go with a brush, there is a surprise in the back. Three seconds later, the picture lights up again. The music starts again. This time it's the Wedding March. This is the wedding ring commercial they shot. As early as half a month ago, the advertisement was released. It can be imagined that the everlasting CP super words were like crazy, shouting "I don't care, everlasting is true", "This is the official announcement, don't remind me that this is an advertisement", "These two people really match one face, ah, ah, I'm dead". Now, the ad is being used in a video clip. In the holy church, the two exchanged rings and a kiss. When a young man in a suit and tie grabs another young man's chin and kisses him, the video makes a virtual shadow, which overlaps with the image of the general kissing an actor in an alley a hundred years ago. Then interspersed with Jiang Heng's voice. "You see, in this life,plastic packaging tube, I have come to you." This sentence is not from "Tangli Flower", but a line from Jiang Heng's debut work "Waiting for Light". The original context is that the protagonists in Waiting for Light are reading a book under the lamp. The two protagonists have lost all hope at the end of the tragedy in their previous lives. They still find each other and stay together forever in this life, implying that hope is everywhere. emptycosmetictubes.com