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Rumor has it that he has killed the "first generation" in the past, has a very brilliant record, invincible, since the birth of no one can stop him! "Who are you fighting with, little friend?" An old religious leader asked, not mentioning that he had been killed, but asking in this way, which was also to take care of his face. A teenager. Ming Zi said coldly, by this time he had calmed down, no anger, no depression, cold and cold, as if he had no feelings. It's him again! This time, not to mention ordinary people, that is, several old religious leaders are squinting their eyes, there are gods looming, it is clear that the young devil makes them pay special attention. Transcendent, young devil! "It's really amazing. It's so awesome. First I killed dozens of strong people from the Akabane Crane clan, then I defeated the Dragon Sparrow and the Zijin Zhenzhao, then I killed the Sun God Teng Jinlie, and now I beheaded the Hades!" People are talking. Fire Demon Palace people once again burst into tears, why every time to point to them, really too hurt! This is the second "first generation" killed in the secret world, all by one person, not to mention the monks who have been paying attention to the war situation, even people who do not understand know after hearing, it is not easy! All of a sudden, the young demon king became the focus of discussion, and everyone was speculating about his identity. This boy is really awesome. Shi Ziling and his wife are also talking about worrying about Qin Hao. "This name,spill plastic pallet, once again, has been mentioned. Recently, the mysterious strong man who appeared in Wuxing State is none other than him. He left his name on the sacred tablet set up by Demon Zun. He beat Qin Changsheng and looked down on the ten States." Open the altar for me, and I will go back. Ming Zi said in a deep voice, with a black mist, accompanied by the smell of the earth, he wanted to enter the secret land again. Deep in the secret world, the lake area. The mist is transpiring, the beautiful peaks are brilliant, and the haze is hazy, just like a fairyland. Shi Hao and the Great Demon God left the place of chaos together,wholesale plastic pallet, because this is really not a place to talk about the old days, they have too many words to say, deep in their hearts are difficult to calm down. By now, the Fifteenth Master had sobered up, laughed heartily, and was extremely excited and happy. He had long thought that his grandson was dead, and his heart was filled with great sorrow. How could he have thought that a living grandson would appear in front of him today. In a remote place, the two of them joined forces to set up a law array, isolated from the outside world, and revealed their true appearance. Grandpa, your hair is white. Shi Hao's nose is sour and his eyes are red again. The Great Demon God is fifty or sixty years old, which is the golden age, full of vigor and vitality, but now he has white hair, and there are many fine wrinkles on his eyes and face, which is very vicissitudes. Grandpa looks a little older, but his spirit is still there. When he learns that you are still alive, he will recover immediately. Ha ha ha! The Great Demon God said heroically. He looked at Shi Hao's face and patted him on the shoulder. The more he looked at him, the happier he was. His grandson, whom he cared about most, was not only alive, plastic wheelie bins ,heavy duty plastic pallet, but also killed to the upper world. He beheaded the first generation here, especially for his temper and style. Although Shi Hao had already met the spirit of the Great Demon God, when he met again, he was still moved by trembling, and his heart was filled with endless feelings and exultation. Unfortunately, the earlier one was only a spiritual body, which quickly fell and could not bring the news to Grandfather. Grandfather, what are you.. Suddenly, Shi Hao felt a shock in his heart. He touched one of the sleeves of the Fifteenth Master. It was empty, and it was still a broken arm. He quickly lifted the sleeve and found that it was true! The young man I saw earlier had his arms intact, but now he has regained his true appearance. How can he have lost another arm? Looking at the big demon God with white hair, wrinkles and vicissitudes of life on his face, as well as this broken arm, Shi Hao felt a pain in his heart, very uncomfortable, his grandfather has experienced a lot of suffering over the years. The Fifteenth Master comforted him and said, "It doesn't matter. Grandpa is now a venerable man, and he will light the divine fire at any time. When he reaches such a state, he can be reborn with broken limbs. It won't be long before he can grow out." As soon as the Great Demon God turned over his hand, a jade doll appeared in the palm of his hand, telling Shi Hao that if he fused with this doll, he would be able to turn into another young man, and there was no flaw in his arm. This is the treasure he got in an ancient cave house when he was hunted down on Alcatraz Island. It was left by his predecessors after they fell.
Shi Hao nodded, grandfather's broken arm can grow out, to the venerable realm can be flesh and blood regeneration, but recently has been displaced, was hunted by heaven, did not deliberately to reorganize the real body. However, he is still not at ease, personally for the grandfather to check, the final outflow of different colors, fifteen Ye's blood gas is too strong, it is really amazing! "Take the true blood of Demon Zun. It can't be refined. It's all sealed between my flesh and bones." The Fifteenth Master said that this was his greatest chance in Alcatraz. Shi Hao surprised, after careful exploration, that group of true blood scattered in the flesh and blood, slowly washing his grandfather's body, sooner or later there will be a radical change. Grandpa, don't be in a hurry to light the divine fire. When your broken arm grows up and I get more sacred medicine, I will refine a furnace of divine fire pills for you, and then you will be promoted. At the same time, he frowned and felt a Yin Qi in his grandfather's body, attached to the bone, which was very strange. What is this "You found out." The Fifteenth Master sighed that this was a side effect of taking the true blood of Demon Zun. Demon true blood, not to mention the fist so a ball, is a drop, ordinary people can not bear to live, swallow directly, will burst and die. Fortunately, this group of true blood left by Demon Zun has already been consumed by the innate murderous look, and all harmful substances are almost non-existent. Otherwise, even if a true God takes it, his body will be shattered and both form and spirit will be destroyed. Although this group of true blood had no chance to kill, it was clean, but after all, it was left by a fallen taboo figure, he had died, the whole island was dark and gloomy, and this group of blood was naturally melted into a trace of death. Although it is only a trace, it is also very troublesome for future generations. The Fifteenth Master was able to restrain himself at first, but he was chased by the Light Angel of Heaven and suffered a heavy blow. Something went wrong, causing Yin Qi to spread rapidly to the bones of the whole body. In particular, the hunters of heaven walk in the dark, all crawling from the mountain of corpses and the sea of blood, and their bodies are stained with a strong sense of death and fog. Their sword is the most vicious blade, with flesh and blood to nourish,plastic pallet box, with the spirit to feed, so split the fifteen Ye, all of a sudden touched off the rebellion of the silk Yin Qi. cnplasticpallet.com