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According to the instructions written on the wrapping paper of the idol, the gadfly arrived at the appointed meeting place in the evening. It was the home of a local doctor who was an active member of the group. Most of the revolutionaries had arrived, and they were elated by the Gadfly's arrival. It gave him new proof, if he needed it, of his popularity as a leader. "We are very happy to see you again," said the doctor, "but we will be more afraid to see you. It was extremely risky and frightening. I am against the plan. Do you really believe that the police rats didn't notice you this morning? "Oh, they noticed me enough, but they didn't, didn't recognize me.". Dominicino has arranged this very well. But where is he? I didn't see him. He hasn't arrived yet. So everything's going well for you? Did the cardinal give you his blessing? His blessing? Oh, that's nothing, "said Dominitino, coming through the door." Rivarez, you're like a Christmas cake. How many skills do you have that we can admire? "What's the matter now?" The gadfly asked lazily. He was leaning back on the sofa, smoking a cigar. He was still dressed as a pilgrim, but his white beard and wig were by his side. I didn't expect you to be so good at acting. I've never seen such a wonderful performance in my life. You almost moved his eminence to tears. "What's going on?"? Let's hear it,Mechanical fine screen, Rivarez. The gadfly shrugged his shoulders. He was in a silent state of mind, and the others saw that they could not get anything from him, so they begged Dominidino to tell them what had happened. After telling the story of what had happened at the fair, a young worker, who was not laughing with the others, suddenly said,rapid sand filters, "Of course it's very clever, but I don't see how this performance is good for everyone." "There is only one advantage," put in the Gadfly, "and that is that I can go where I want and do what I want in this area, and no man, woman, or child will think of doubting me. By tomorrow, the story will be all over the place. When I met a spy, he would just think, 'That's the crazy Diego, the guy who confessed his sins in the market.' This is certainly an advantage. Yes, filter nozzle ,wall penstocks, I understand. But I still hope it can be done without fooling the cardinal. He is too kind a man to play such a game with. "I thought he was a decent man myself." The gadfly answered lazily. Sandro, don't talk nonsense! We don't need a cardinal here! Dominitino said. Montanelli had the opportunity to serve in Rome, and if he had accepted that position, Rivarez would not have been able to fool him. "He didn't want to accept the position because he didn't want to leave his job here." More likely because he didn't want to be poisoned by Lambruccini's spies. They have something against him, I'm sure of that. We all know what it means for a cardinal, especially such a popular cardinal, to stay in such a small hole forgotten by God-Rivarez, right? The gadfly was blowing smoke rings. It might be a 'broken, contrite heart' kind of thing, he said. Then he looked up and watched the smoke rings drift away. Okay, guys, now let's get down to business. Many plans have been drawn up regarding the smuggling and concealment of weapons. They began to discuss the plans in detail. The gadfly listened attentively, interjected from time to time, and sharply corrected some incorrect statements or imprudent proposals. At the end of the speech, he put forward several practical suggestions, most of which were adopted without discussion. And then the meeting was over. It was decided that, at least until he was safely back in Tuscany, late meetings should be avoided in order not to attract the attention of the police. By ten o'clock, everyone had dispersed, leaving only the doctor, the gadfly, and Dominicino. The three of them held a small meeting to discuss the details.
After a long and heated argument, Dominidino looked up at the clock. It's half past eleven. We can't stay any longer, or the watchman will find us. "When did he pass by?" Asked the gadfly. About twelve o'clock. I want to get home before he arrives. Good night, Giordani. Rivarez, shall we go together? No, I think it's safer for us to go separately. Do I have to meet you again? Yes, in Castelbolonis. I don't know who I'm supposed to be, but you already know the code. I suppose you'll leave here tomorrow? The gadfly looked in the mirror and carefully put on his beard and wig. Tomorrow morning, go with the pilgrims. The day after tomorrow I pretended to be ill, stayed in the shepherd's hut, and then took a shortcut through the mountains. I'll be there before you. Good night As the Gadfly looked through the huge barn door, the cathedral clock struck twelve. The barn had been vacated to serve as a lodging for pilgrims. There were bodies lying on the ground, most of them were snoring hard, and the air was so dirty that it was unbearable. He trembled a little and felt sick. It is impossible to sleep here. He'd better take a walk and find a shed or a haystack, where at least it's clean and quiet. It was a beautiful night with a full moon in the purple sky. He began to wander aimlessly in the streets, remembering with dismay the scene that had happened in the morning. He wished he had not agreed to Dominignino's plan to meet him at Brisigueira. If it was too dangerous for him to announce the plan in the first place,Wall Penstocks, he would choose another place. So that he and Montanelli would not be caught up in this terrible farce. How much the priest has changed! But his voice had not changed at all, as it had been in the past. He used to say, "carino." 。 khnwatertreatment.com