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“…… Lord Anlos? Lina opened her eyes slightly wide, as if she could not believe that Su Jinzhi could be so calm after hearing that five exorcists had died and that her fellow exorcists had become abnormal. Miss Lena, you really don't have to worry. But Su Jinzhi is a man who has seen the world. This little thing is not painful for him. It is not as frightening as foie gras. "If you are really afraid, I have a Bible here. You can put it on the bedside and recite it. God will bless you." Su Jinzhi smiled and handed the faith of the temple to Lina. Lena looked at the heavy black book in her hand with a dull expression. Ah Su Jinzhi exclaimed again, turned around and took out a cloak from the room, gently wrapped it around Lena, "Miss Lena, it's cold, go back and rest quickly." Lena clenched the collar of her cloak and stared at him. Su Jinzhi continued to smile lovingly, feeling that his image in Lena's heart now must be sacred and inviolable, radiating the great glory of the sun. Thank you, Lord Anlos. Lena lowered her eyes, took a few steps, looked back at him, and exhorted, "In a word, you must be careful." "I will, Miss Lina, and so will you." Su Jinzhi gently waved to Lina, then closed the door, "whoosh" to kick off the shoes into bed wrapped tightly, sad face way: "so cold! Very cold There was still a fireplace burning in the bedroom, and when the cold on her body faded,Fish measuring board, Su Jinzhi stopped shivering. It's not winter yet. Why is it so cold? Su Jinzhi wanted to inquire about the weather with No.1, but No.1 was off duty when he talked to Lina, so he didn't give him any response. The room was very quiet. Except for him, he was accompanied by only the red charcoal in the fireplace and the beeping sound of firewood burning in the huge room. Su Jinzhi wrapped his heavy blanket tightly around him and looked at the fireworks in the fireplace for a while. Suddenly, he was a little lonely. Because he's missing someone. The feeling of loneliness, like a wave, soon enveloped him, and the yearning crawled in every corner of the room. Even the sound of raindrops hitting the windows was like the knock on the door when the old man returned. There was a light clatter. He lay on his side in the quilt and stared out of the window without blinking-there was no moon tonight, but he saw the silver moonlight. Su Jinzhi thought it was his illusion and lifted the quilt and walked barefoot on the carpet to the window. "Ta-da-" came from the glass, and someone was really knocking on his window. Su Jinzhi was surprised for a moment and opened the window. In an instant, a flexible black figure, tape measure clip ,horse weight tape, like a snowflake on a winter night, drifted gently into the room, with a flash of silvery moonlight, and at the same time, the fireworks in the fireplace were extinguished as if they had been drenched by water. Darkness filled the room, but with it came a beautiful moonlight. Su Jinzhi finally saw what it was that ran in from the window, a strange creature covered with black scales, with strong limbs, sharp claws at the ends of the limbs, coldly reflecting the cold light of metal texture, a dragon-like head and a slender tail, but no wings, dark gray eyes, slender pupils tightly shrinking him. With a bunch of transparent flowers like moonlight in his mouth. It looked at Su Jinzhi quietly, and Su Jinzhi was also staring at it. Without seeing fear and disgust in the young man's eyes, the strange beast tried to move its body and took a step towards the young man, but it only moved once and saw the young man suddenly open his eyes, not because of fear, but because of excitement. Su Jinzhi was really excited, and since he had recovered part of his memory, he remembered something. Including the strange beast standing in front of him now. The strange beast froze in place, watching the young man walk quickly towards it, then picked up its jaw and looked left and right. After a while, he sighed and praised: "You are so beautiful.." As beautiful as the moonlight.
” Su Jinzhi smiled, regardless of the sharp fangs in the beast's mouth, reaching out to touch the bunch of flowers in its mouth. His eyes were full of curiosity: "Is this really made of moonlight?" The strange beast paused, loosened his mouth and put the bunch of moonlight congealed flowers in the palm of the young man's hand. Su Jinzhi held the bouquet of flowers, did not know how to describe that feeling, he felt like holding a handful of air, nothing touched, but the bouquet of flowers was indeed pinched in his hand. In the darkness, the unique silvery light of the moon spread. Stunning beauty. The author has something to say: The image of this strange creature, in a word, is a strange alien, and everyone can make up for it freely. - -Thanks to the donors who keep me, kiss your little face = 3 = Happy Piao Jiang threw a landmine. Leng. Dropped a mine. The cattail fan threw a mine. Calamus threw a mine. Rain boots threw a mine. Three sings and three sighs threw a grenade. Flying Violet threw a mine. Feng Yebei threw a mine. The snow threw a mine. Wan Ze threw a mine. Mozzie threw a mine. Zwyee threw a mine Chapter 113 Devil Concerto 8. But the moon itself does not shine. It is the sun that reflects such beautiful light. But in the vast night sky, no star can match the silver brilliance of the planet. I don't know when the rain is getting smaller and smaller, one by one ticking outside the window,fish measuring tape, there is a silence with moisture, Su Jinzhi looked at the bunch of moonlight congealed flowers in the palm of his hand to send out silver moonlight in a daze, almost can not believe that he can see such a strange and beautiful scenery after death. tapemeasure.net