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There is no doubt that it is absolutely a peerless king medicine, which has survived for many years and has already been channeled. Like this peerless king medicine, in today's world almost can not be found, too rare, if seen by the old monster, will also be desperate to fight for! "Go after it!" The strong shouted, and their eyes were red as if they were crazy. However, the speed of the psychic white ginseng was extremely fast, as if it was moving in the void, running around, but it could not be caught up for a while. Crash! Lin Xun also started, waving the blue and glittering chain, seizing the opportunity, and suddenly swept over the psychic white ginseng. In a surprising scene, the chains flashed past the body of the psychic white ginseng, unable to imprison it, as if its body were empty. But the more so, the more let Lin Xun eyes shine, good baby ah! Boom! He went all out to attack, imposing a ban, trying to make the other side's pace banned, but never thought that this magical method was invalid, and it also did not work on the psychic white ginseng. Other strong people also attacked and used all kinds of means to fight for it, but they all failed in the end, just like the psychic white ginseng, which was invulnerable to all laws, unstained to all things, and supernatural to the extreme. Damn it, has this old man become a sperm? Some strong men were so exasperated that they shouted abuse. Some other strong people are also hit hard, a peerless medicine is in front of them,Wall Penstocks, but they can't grab it, instead, they are played around by it, which is too frustrating. Lin Xun was also a little depressed, and the most hateful thing was that Lingshen, like a dwarf old man, grinned with a mocking smile, with provocation and disdain in his eyes. No, I give up! Some strong people could not attack for a long time, so they were so angry that they turned around and left to rob other good fortune, unwilling to waste time on this old ginseng. To know that the present time can mean a good fortune,multi disc screw press, who is willing to waste? Lin Xun did not give up, he has seen that this old ginseng has spirituality, seemingly on the run, is clearly deliberately teasing them. Obviously, it believes that no one can subdue it, so it dares to provoke so brazenly. However, Lin Xun has his own means, the heart has been secretly ruthless, such as catching this abominable old mallet, it must be pickled! Whoosh! The old ginseng twinkled in the void, and it noticed Lin Xun, who was in hot pursuit. The old man had a playful and mocking smile on his face, and a proud gesture of what you can do to me. It looked very hateful. Even, it also deliberately tease Lin Xun, from time to time fly to the front of Lin Xun, when Lin Xun raised his hand to catch it, its wings behind him flashed, suddenly floated to the distance, that cheap appearance, let Lin Xun heart also straight out of anger. Gradually, there were fewer and fewer strong people chasing the old ginseng. Most of them had given up completely and realized that they could not catch such peerless medicine at all. Before long, fine bubble diffuser ,filter nozzle, Lin Xun was the only one left, chasing the old mallet on the sacred tree, and many strong people looked strange. Lin Demon God, this is spent with the old mallet who is so angry that people don't pay for their lives! But this is also good, so as not to come from Lin Demon God to rob other good fortune with them, let him chase and play alone! All the heroes gloated over their misfortune and did not think that Lin Xun could succeed. Most of them wanted to draw water from a bamboo basket in vain. Before long, Lin Xun chased to the height of the old tree, along a spacious branch, unconsciously rushed into the clouds. The old mallet seemed a little tired, looking at Lin Xun with a speechless look, as if he had not expected that this guy would be so stubborn that he would consume himself to death. Immediately, it sneers again, continues to twinkle and move, occasionally seizes the opportunity, but also coldly appears behind Lin Xun, mercilessly kicks on Lin Xun's back. Although the strength is very small, there is no harm to Lin Xun, but this is too humiliating, open Lin Demon God, but now kicked by an old medicine with feet, if this spread out, must become a big joke. Whoosh! Suddenly, the old mallet rushed over again, poked out his feet, and kicked Lin Xun on the back from behind, with a proud smile on his face.
However, just then, Lin Xun suddenly turned around and gnashed his teeth: "Old mallet, I have endured you for a long time!" The old mallet was stunned and immediately sent out a silent mocking smile, thinking that the boy was talking angrily and was about to be mad at himself. This gave him an indescribable satisfaction. But see Lin Xun also smiled, smile is very cold, I do not know when in the hands of an ancient style, brilliant if gold poured into the octagonal pagoda. Chapter 0902 learn from each other. The pagoda is actually a kind of simple and unsophisticated jade colored glaze color, but the luster of the pagoda presents a kind of brilliant golden color, which is magnificent. Although it is only the size of a palm, it is not difficult to see that this pagoda is extremely magical. The octagonal body of the pagoda is divided into eight parts, each of which forms a boundary of its own. Patterns such as the sun, the moon, the mountains and rivers, the longitude and latitude of heaven and earth, the stars of heaven and earth, and the ancient gods emerge. Just like a trace of the ancient world of heaven, branded on the body of the tower, there is a kind of vigorous breath to accommodate the eternal! Unfortunately, the pagoda is damaged, and the position of the top of the pagoda was originally carved with Taoist inscriptions, but now there is only an incomplete and vague word "Wu". This is the wordless pagoda! One of the most mysterious treasures in Lin Xun's hands, once received a pair of Taoist priests involved in the mystery of Fangcun Mountain, whose origin can not be studied. Suddenly, the old mallet seemed to notice something was wrong, the smile on the old face was frozen, some frightened, and the feet were about to run away. Want to escape? It's late! As he spoke, a golden light suddenly swept out of the wordless pagoda, like a pair of exercises, and with a gentle roll in the void, he imprisoned the old mallet bundle. It was so startled that its whole body was full of bright light, but no matter how it struggled, it was of no help. An old face was full of horror, and eventually it was dragged into the wordless pagoda. Boom! On the first floor of the pagoda, Xuanjin Daoguang suppressed it. The old mallet realized that he was in danger. He looked pitiful and begged for mercy. He sent out a wisp of spiritual consciousness: "Little friend, calm down. Little friend, calm down. This is all a misunderstanding." Lin Xun eye pupil a narrow, heart shock, this peerless king medicine unexpectedly also has the wisdom! Immediately,rapid sand filters, he sneers at: "You a moment ago is not to play very happy, how to do not laugh now, begin to beg for mercy instead?" 。 khnwatertreatment.com