Hello, thanks for taking the time to visit my profile and learn more about my practice. When you’re starting therapy who you choose to work with is very important. Research has shown that the relationship between therapist and client is vital in successful treatment. I approach therapy with a supportive, and non-judgmental stance, and a commitment to provide you with the best support possible. As a fully trained EMDR therapist I specialize in helping people overcome issues that are holding them back in life, this includes treating trauma and the problems that often come with it such as: anxiety, depression, PTSD, and “just feeling stuck”. My experience as an EMDR certified therapist has helped my clients resolve a wide range of concerns including; abuse & neglect, abandonment, accident survival, natural disaster exposure, performance anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, paruresis (shy bladder), physical & sexual violence, substance use concerns and trauma.

The best part of my job is seeing the people I work with overcome struggles and difficult experiences to create the type of life they want to live. Over the past 9 years, I’ve been fortunate to work with people of varied backgrounds and life experiences. This has included working with other LGBTQ people, and with people of color. Working with a diverse group of clients has informed my practice and made me a better therapist. Whether you’re looking to make changes, decrease symptoms or resolve your past I’d welcome the opportunity to work with you. – Tim