In my 35+ years of practice as an LICSW & Psychotherapist, I have observed that we have within us a core energy that yearns for open expression of the self, loving connection with others, and freedom from the constriction and fear that can emanate from woulds that traumatized the sense of self.   As an Emdria Certified EMDR Therapist, the focus of my work is helping Adult Individuals and Couples heal from Relationship/Attachment Trauma;  Relationship Conflicts; Internal Conflict/Confusion; Shame; Self Esteem Challenges/ Chronic Self Doubt/ Trouble with Decisions; Anxiety/ Panic Attacks/ Fears; Social Anxiety; PTSD; Depression; Mood Swings; Adult Children of Alcoholics/ Addiction Recovery; Boundary Issues/ Giving Too Much/ Caretaker Fatigue/ Codependency; Childhood Abuse/ Neglect/ Unmet Needs; Physical/Emotional/Sexual Abuse; Grief/Loss/Divorce/Separation/Abandonment; Loss of Self; Spiritual Trauma.  This is therapy Aimed at Wholeness; Becoming One’s Best Self.