I have been working with adults experiencing life challenges for the last 20 years.  I believe the vulnerability of seeking help to make your life better is pure courage.  I understand the investment required in doing this work and seek to make your time in therapy valuable and worthwhile.  My approach is validating as well as direct.  My clients say that I am able to understand their situations quickly, and provide clear ideas of how to cope differently.  I am a skills oriented therapist who has many ideas for strategies in working towards your goals.

My approach is wholistic in that I see therapy through the lens of attending to mind, body, and spirit.  I have extensive personal and professional experience in mindfulness and use these skills and practices often with clients.  I am trained in EMDR and love doing this work clients.  It has been amazing to see how people change their lives when they have the opportunity to work through old memories and experiences.

I believe the right fit is the key to a helpful therapy experience.  Please feel free to give me a call so we can talk and see if I might be the best therapist for you at this time.