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"Poof ~" saw the wound, a milky white mucus spray out, and then along the downward flow, diluted by the rain. Is this the blood of a monster? How did it become like condensed milk? What kind of light can make people like this? There is no time to be afraid. If you don't want to die, you must be strong. Look at the time overhead, there are less than five minutes left, say what will survive. He Ningyan clenched his teeth, held the knife tightly, and stabbed the monster again. "Oh," said the monster with a hand full of hard shells, and with a wave of her hand, she was beaten into the air and landed three steps away. Fortunately, the cold rain in the sky kept her from fainting. Sitting up, she felt a burning pain in her shoulder, but she could still move. Andre in front of him cut the knife through the monster's neck and quickly dodged. White mucus spurted from the monster's neck, but the monster was still moving, and his black hands were as clumsy and trying to catch Andre as a child catches food. Ah, ah, "Leah kept screaming, holding the knife in both hands." Why aren't they dead? Help! Help! Call for help at this time, and the ghost will save you! Another monster is coming, this must be solved, otherwise, deal with two at the same time,secondary containment pallet, the possibility of death is greater. Dick let go of Huang Weiguo and took the knife with his uninjured hand to help. He Ningyan also ignored the pain, struggling to get up, three people aimed at the monster a fierce stab. The monster was originally slow, and attacked from front to back, taking care of the front, not the back, and was stabbed several times. As if the blood was almost flowing, he collapsed and could not get up. And at this time another monster also followed,plastic pallet suppliers, not only this, there are several behind, one by one monster rushed to them. With a thump, Dick's knife pierced the monster's hard shell and broke. Huang Weiguo immediately drew out another handful and handed it over. Amid the noise of the rain, he shouted, "Aim at the place where there is no shell." But the shells of these monsters will grow. It feels like their shells are covering more and more of their bodies. Some even have their whole faces surrounded by hard shells, leaving only two blood-red eyes and a mouth showing its teeth. Monsters are hard to kill, but others keep coming. I can't hold on anymore. Leah only stabs her unless the monster is aiming at her. The rest of the time she just holds the knife and screams. A monster finally caught Dick's stabbing hand and lowered its head to bite him hard on the wrist. Chapter 40 siege. "Ah," Dick screamed. But Leah, who was closest to him, stood there with a knife in both hands and shouted louder than he did. Even Huang Weiguo, who was injured, had already joined the battle. As soon as he saw something wrong, he immediately came to the rescue. He picked up the knife and wiped it at the neck of the monster biting Dick. The milky liquid spurted out, diluted by the pouring rain, and seeped into the crevices of the ruins under his feet. Huang Weiguo cut more than a dozen knives at the monster's neck, which had not yet been covered by a hard shell. Such a small knife cut a small half of the monster's neck, collapsible pallet box ,collapsible pallet box, deep to the neck bone. At last the monster fell, along with a piece of flesh from Dick's wrist. Ah ~ "Dick looked at the missing piece of flesh on his forearm and cried out in horror as blood poured out." Stop screaming! Huang Weiguo pulled down the sling hanging Dick's injured arm, which was made of gauze. After taking it off, he quickly and forcefully circled Dick's injured part. The rain was so heavy that he had to speak loudly: "There are still five minutes to go. You have to endure whatever you say, or you will die!" Can not say anything more, the monster is gathered around, and the body of the hard shell is more and more widely distributed, almost no place to knife. The old accounts are not settled, and the new accounts come again. If we go on like this, we will not be able to hold up. The monsters of the whole city crawled out of the ground one by one and went to them. Finally, a monster fell down in front of him. He Ningyan threw his head full of rain, and the rain kept pouring into his eyes and mouth. I looked up at the timer in the lower half of the sky. There were still more than 200 seconds left. It was almost over. It was almost over. But she could not guarantee that she would be able to survive until the end of everything, when three more monsters came. These monsters just want to eat them alive, just like those cockroaches and spiders.
Dick saw Huang Weiguo, regardless of his injuries, waving his arms in a big way, attacking the weak places of the monsters with a knife, and the bandage on his waist had oozed blood and was wet by the rain. If you don't work hard now, you won't live to the end, so Dick roared, clenched his teeth, grabbed the knife with the hand that could still move, and rowed at the monster. Leah had no time to scream, and everyone, with a strong sense of survival, tried their last effort to resist these dark, red-eyed monsters. The monster's shell should grow, and the more you get to the back, the more the body wraps around the shell, and you can't pierce the hard shell with a knife. With a thump, the knife in Andre's hand was broken. At this time, it was useless to have a knife. The monsters in front of him were all wrapped in hard shells, with only two blood-red eyes shining and an open mouth showing white teeth. The five men slowly leaned back, back to back, and there was no way out, surrounded by hard-shelled monsters. What to do? Cried Dick in horror. There are only fifty seconds left in the countdown, but within twenty seconds, they will be captured by the nearest monster. Andre shouted, "Protect your neck and head, as long as you don't die!" The neck and head are places where blood vessels are concentrated, but the thought of being torn alive for half a minute is not something that ordinary people can bear. Even if you don't die, you will have nightmares in the future, dreaming of being chased and bitten by a group of monsters with dark shadows and red eyes. No, I'm afraid of pain. Leah began to cry again. Everyone is afraid, really forced, He Ningyan looked at the knife in his hand, at this time the knife has been useless, so he threw it at a monster in front of him. Ah, ah ~ "The monster saw something flying over, and with a wave of his arm full of hard shells, he blocked the knife.". When the knife popped out of his arm, there was a sound of "". Is the so-called quick-witted,plastic bulk containers, he Ningyan suddenly had an idea, squatted down to pick up the stone on the ground, and threw it at the monster in front of him. binpallet.com