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She looked at me in surprise and lowered her head hurriedly for a long time. "The maidservant can't disobey the master's instructions." "Tell you what?"? Do you want to serve me or watch me? Seeing her bite her lip and look embarrassed, I sighed that my mouth was really mean. Just stay outside. I want to sleep for a while. Until her figure disappeared, I put down my cup and walked to the window. The red shadow on the other side of the river was walking out of the waterside pavilion, slowly shaking his clothes and flying. The halo of the setting sun was like purple clouds blooming, which made the man as hazy as the moonlight. The water smoke was as exquisite as light silk, which brushed his white jade face, dark hair and red brocade clothes. When he walked, his straight back and slightly raised jaw were confident and dignified. When he stood on the platform, his feet seemed to be trampling on the world's rivers and mountains. He climbed high and looked far, and the magnificent mountains and rivers were in his hands. Suddenly the slender phoenix eyes looked over, raised a smile, shallow like fog, a moment unexpectedly people can not move their eyes. Once this kind of poison is touched, it is impossible to quit, and I naively thought that I could escape, but I didn't know that my heart was gradually lost and I was ignorant. The eyes are too soft, not like you. A low hoarse voice sounded at my side,uns s32760 plate, suddenly looked up, gloomy eyes were close at hand, I was so surprised that I forgot to hide, so the bright red lips like blood came up without warning. There was a silence in the cabin, and the wind was silent in the flowing water of the blue river. Then came the sound of the sky breaking open. I came to my senses and pushed him away. There was a smile in Junguan's eyes. It was sarcasm. The figure of the man had long disappeared from the platform of the waterside pavilion, and he was somewhat flustered. He saw it. He must have seen it clearly. "You did it on purpose!" I stared at him and wiped my mouth with my sleeve. Whatever you say,316ti stainless steel, it's easy for you two to provoke such a fragile relationship. "Why do you say that?" "There is no trust between you. If he believes you, will he give you Guanghan San?" He hummed softly, "No matter how carefully he deployed in other places, there is a loophole in you after all." His words were like a barbed thorn, which hurt when it went in and hurt even more when it was pulled out. As for you, you don't know how much you trust him. Don't hit the nail on the head like you know something about it. …… Don't you know to knock when you come in? "You see, when it comes to your guilty conscience, that's what you do." It was rare for him to smile without that layer of gloom or a touch of sadness, but it was really beautiful. They all ate my character to death, didn't they? I was too lazy to talk to him any more. I looked straight out of the window, but there was only a lonely shadow of the water. Rong Lian. He suddenly called me in a very serious tone. What I asked without looking back. I told you before, if you can't stay in the palace without the moon, x56 line pipe ,316 stainless steel plate, you can come to Tianjue Jiao. What do you say now? "Why do you think we can't be together if we don't trust each other enough?" I frowned and felt a little upset in my heart. He was stunned by what I said, and then he laughed so brightly that he was lonely and cold. I gave you the way to go, but you didn't want it. Can't you see that you are so persistent that you want to be a pair of fugitive Mandarin ducks with him? "Yes, I didn't see that Master Laijun was so nosy." I pushed him away to go out of the cabin. Where to go His face sank a little and he grabbed me by the collar. Looking for my other half, yuanyang. Jun Guan's eyes instantly became sinister and vicious. I was startled and stared at him in a daze. You really deserve to die. I don't know if the Infernal Hell will accept you. "How can you decide her life? Brother Junguan, you scared her." With a light laugh, the beauty and elegance of flying flowers and butterflies seem to be the last sound played by the most beautiful harp. The man, dressed in red, leaned against the door, graceful and rich, smiling softly and harmlessly at the corners of his mouth, and his eyes were shining. There is a faint cold fragrance blowing with the river wind, which is exciting. How did you.. Jun Guan is a little confused, which can be said to be quite unexpected. How did I get here? He blinked his eyes, and his long curly eyelashes flapped like butterfly wings. Come by boat.
Oh, or are you asking me how I got in? Luo Qiu, last time I won the two Dharma protectors of our family. Since we met in a narrow way this time, I can't stop them even if I want to. He looked very good, and his smile was as beautiful as a flower and as clear as water. I looked at him and my heart settled down. What are you doing, coming in so late? When he spoke, he found his voice trembling. Only then did he slowly look at me, and his eyes were black and bright. Miss me? He held back such a sentence for a long time. I stared at him and couldn't speak. I felt hot on my face. He molested me, and I really blushed. When I didn't know how to end it, I suddenly felt that my breathing was not very smooth. Looking back, it turned out that Junguan had pinched my collar. Can't Master Huizhi do it after all? "The master is already in the age of destiny. Why do you bother to incite him to come? He can't afford to break his bones at his age.". Brother Junguan, your hands are too tight. "Well, it's useless." Jun Guan laughed again. "It's better to be tight, or what if she runs away?" Master Huizhi is useless? Junguan, you are too demanding. I moved discontentedly, really, the cloud is in front of me, but I can only see but not touch, too depressed. Chapter 76 "Which one do you want, Lord or Rong Lian?" Nangong Ling blinked at him, "of course, both." "There is no such good thing in the world as having both fish and bear's paw." "There is no such good thing, but this set of principles is not suitable for me." He found a more comfortable place to lean against the door, half squinting,x70 line pipe, and playing with a familiar jade finger wrench in his hand. You Jun Guan suddenly opened his eyes wide and his face was frighteningly pale. Why, does it look familiar? He shook the finger wrench in his hand, and his expression was like teasing a cat. lksteelpipe.com