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Tianxie couldn't help snorting and discolored. "Your life form has reached the height of bloodlust in those days," he shouted. "You really deserve to be his successor." "Knock, knock, knock!" The huge sound of stars exploding came from the evil heart, and a monstrous force comparable to the immortal triple heaven burst from his chest, and the blood pupil, like a rolling ball, was pushed directly away. Massive force homeopathy hit, such as the ocean of power condensation, along the blood pupil to the rock spread, to submerge him. At this moment, the deterrence of the outbreak of evil is comparable to that of Blaine, the Lord of God, and the head of the imperial soul, which is amazing. How dare you Frederick, Reddy, and the holy beast Qinglong roared in unison, and at the same time, they strove to make their own mysterious moves. In the throne of the main beast's snakehead crown, Ziyao looked down from a commanding position, her beautiful eyes condensed on Shiyan's body, and her hands also showed a moving look. It seemed that Shiyan, who had transformed into a new battle form and inspired the mysterious energy, reminded her of the past. Chapter 1342 cause and effect. In the depths of the underground palace of Julan Chamber of Commerce, Tianxie devoured Xize, Lingxiang and Lorraine,Silver Travertine Slabs, and then strengthened his own realm of strength, reaching the level of being able to stand shoulder to shoulder with God and the underworld. Now he really shows his strength, which is really unusual. All the people in the field, if they are fighting alone, maybe no one is really the enemy of the evil. But Frederick, Reddy, and Qinglong joined hands together, and with the addition of a Xuanhe River, even if the evil of heaven had monstrous power,Porcelain Marble Slabs, it would also appear to be left and right. Heavenly evil! You secretly collude with foreign creatures and plot against our world. You deserve to die! Reddy is as irascible as thunder, and the lightning all over his body is mixed with inner thunder balls, rolling down to the sky. Joke Tianxie curled his lips and said in a cold voice, "I'm not from your world at all!"! I was created by Mother, just as I was created by Desolation's bloodlust. I entered your world, the beginning of Desolation, all the time to prepare for Mother's true awakening. When they heard him say this, they were all shocked and surprised. The information revealed from Tianxie's mouth is really amazing. The origin of bloodlust has always been a mystery. Many people have traced back for a long time, but they have not found out the origin of bloodlust. Tianxie said that bloodlust was created by Huang himself. How could this be possible? "Pop, pop, pop!" Tianxie's body burst into a rainbow of light, smashing Reddy's congealed electric ball of thunder. "What's the matter?" He said with a gloomy expression? Don't believe? Don't you understand? Xuanhe and Frederick also gathered around Shiyan at this time, to protect Shiyan with all their strength to ensure that he was not harmed. They all saw that Ziyao could use that mysterious energy to infiltrate the strange charm into the altar of everyone's mind and seize their reason in an instant. Only Shiyan, who also knew this energy, could restore their sobriety. Therefore, the safety of Shiyan will be the key to the battle and a powerful barrier for them to resist Ziyao. If you say that bloodlust is created by devourers, we might be a little more receptive. At this moment, Shiyan's expression is cold, Agate Stone Price ,grey marble slab, his body's blood armor fits, his chest is like a bright red flower in full bloom, a pair of broad spurs behind him are flapping, and the fluctuation of destruction in his body is rising sharply. Whew! The blood pupil, which was derived from the blood sword, emerged quietly on his head. The blood in the blood pupil was shining, like scanning everyone, constantly releasing the evil power of impacting the soul to know the sea. Audrey's beautiful eyes showed surprise, staring at her deeply, and her lips opened and closed slightly, apparently shocked. Her mother, Adele, and the warrior of the Hades royal family, also turned pale with fright and looked strangely at Shiyan. They have not seen the body after the evolution of Shiyan, suddenly a look, when it is really a huge impact on the soul, the mind is shocked, there is a very uneasy feeling. Because of the surging violent life magnetic field revealed from Shiyan, the incomparably vast and huge, unexpectedly let them have a kind of frustration that can not be matched, this is a kind of fear in the depths of the soul, just like when they faced bloodlust. For example, when a low-level creature sees a high-level creature for the first time, it will instinctively feel the gap. Xuanhe, Frederick and Qinglong suspended their attack on Tianxie, with dignified expressions and eyes shining with unknown luster, waiting for further explanation from Tianxie.
As the leader of the bloodthirsty, Xuanhe, Frederick has not been able to understand the origin of the identity of bloodthirsty, before the ghost guess, guess bloodthirsty may be a fusion of the four races of blood, but that is only a guess, has not been confirmed. Tian Xie has a close relationship with him. He is one of the primordial beings. He should have instilled a lot of information about the primordial era into Tian Xie, which makes Tian Xie have extraordinary insight. They felt that Tianxie's next words might be true and could really explain the origin of bloodthirsty identity. Tianxie suddenly looked back and looked at Ziyao from a distance, his expression revealing the taste of asking for advice. Ziyao hung her head slightly arrogantly. Tianxie saluted and immediately turned around and said with a smile, "Huang has suffered a heavy blow. His body is split into five parts. Huang is the main brain. Shenen, Shenze, the ancient gods, and the ancient demons are all Fen Shen. They are four individuals. The four individuals created the Protoss, the Undead Demons, the Demons, and the Hades respectively." "One hundred thousand years ago, the ancestors of the four great races entered the wilderness and tried to refine it. This was actually an action of the doppelganger to replace the mastermind, but it failed in the end.". Many years later, the four Fen Shen of the wilderness fought separately, driving the four races to fight for immortality in its original world, causing continuous war in its original world, shattering and destroying the star field, making its original world more and more bloated, and slowing down the speed of his main brain awakening. When Tianxie spoke this time, everyone held their breath and listened carefully. No one continues to make a move. Because Tianxie's words are about the mystery of Xinghai, which has troubled people for countless years, and everyone wants to know the reason. One hundred thousand years ago, the four losers were killed by the wasteland. The wasteland realized that if the four doppelgangers were allowed to continue to mess up, it might become more and more difficult to control, so the bloodthirsty blood was congealed with the blood of the ancestors of the four races. The bloodthirsty blood contained the advantages of the four races and was close to the perfect blood of the primordial beings. Desolation will create bloodlust,White Marble Slabs, is to let bloodlust destroy the four races, with the help of bloodlust to complete the unity of the main brain and Fen Shen, and then completely wake up. 。 forustone.com