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"Well, the Starry Night?" Ren Wang also understood the meaning of TOKI, excited to raise the corners of his mouth, "indeed, there is no 'Sora' in the starry sky, perhaps it is a key clue." (Note: The Japanese pronunciation of "Sky" is "Sora") "But I'm sorry I won't." TOKI raised his hands and stepped back to give up the piano stool. Now it would be cool to say, 'I can play'.. That being said, I won't either. Ivu also raised his hand to show that he was an idiot in this respect. I PASS, too. King Ren raised his hand. Oh? Won't you. Oshitari directly ignored Hikichi and Chihara, pushed his glasses and sat down at the piano. He moved his wrist and nodded slightly to everyone to show his salute. "Then I'll make a fool of myself." What are you talking about? Qieyuan listened confusedly to the conversations of several people and touched Riji, who was as confused as he was, with his shoulder. You know what they're saying? Riji turned his head sideways and gave Chihara a look of "keep looking and you'll know.". Oshitari closed his eyes slightly and recalled the music score in his mind. When I opened it again, my eyes were full of confident light. He curled the corners of his mouth, showing an evil smile that had only appeared on the court, his hands moved slightly, and the notes flowed smoothly from his slender fingers. TOKI looked at Oshitari's smart fingers,car radiator cap, and his golden eyes narrowed with interest. Unexpectedly, the genius of the ice emperor is not only very high in tennis, but also not ordinary in piano. Although she can't play the piano, she has no lack of knowledge in this field. The starry sky is a very difficult piano piece, which can be played smoothly at least at the piano level of level 4 or above. And Oshitari not only plays very smoothly, but also can hear the feelings he adds to the song,deep draw stamping, which makes the whole song filled with a distant and profound feeling. But what surprised TOKI most was that he could not only empty the "so" and "ra" notes in the whole smooth playing, but also make the whole piece not stiff or strange because of the absence of these two notes. Must be to replace the existence of these two sounds with other sounds, such a state can not be achieved in a day or two, not only to have long-term practice, but also to have that unparalleled sense of sound. Ninjutsu Yuuji is really a great man. -Rumble. As the music drew to a close, the gap in the wall slowly widened. When Oshitari finished playing the last note and raised his hands high, a violent shock came, shaking the whole Western-style building like an earthquake. After the terrible shock, the crack in the wall turned into a secret door just enough for one person to pass through. Did it work? TOKI stepped forward and naturally clapped hands with Oshitari and Renwang, looking at the black hole with a big mouth. Wow, it's amazing! Che yuan went to the secret door and looked left and right. "It's really open!" "Then let's go down." TOKI took out the gloves in his pocket and put them on his hands, metal stamping parts ,die casting parts, turned on the flashlight and grinned at the teenagers. "Next is the real adventure!" Chapter 11 Inside the long and narrow underpass, it was dark and silent, and only the "clatter" of sneakers on the floor was in the air. The light of the flashlight was ahead, but it could not peep through the heavy darkness to the end of the road. With the continuous progress, the dark road stretches under our feet, and the short five minutes seem to have passed ten thousand years. Finally, when the people were tortured by this single movement and their brains were about to be numb, a flashing red light like a time bomb suddenly appeared in front of the darkness. TOKI, who was walking ahead, raised his flashlight and shone on the place where the light shone, only to see a wall standing in front of everyone, blocking the only way. TOKI reached out and touched the wall in front of him, and a slightly rough but smooth texture came from under the glove. She narrowed her eyes in a good mood, and it seemed that the wall in front of her was the exit of the corridor.
"Is there no way out?" King Ren shone his flashlight on the wall that completely blocked the way out and whistled meaninglessly, "Oh, it's blocked.." "Hey, really." Qieyuan looked at the wall next to the flashing red light and muttered discontentedly, "It's not the same kind of mechanism that can only be opened with a secret signal like just now, is it?" "No, this time it's very simple. There's only one switch." TOKI felt a button next to the red light, which looked like a light switch. However The simpler, the more suspicious. Hiyoshi's mind echoed what had happened when they first went to the piano room. "Maybe after pressing the switch, there will be other traps." "Like the hole that popped up last time?" He shone his flashlight on the floor warily, trying to find something unnatural. "You're not going to fall into the hole again, are you?" "It's possible." Oshitari looked at the switch with ON/OFF written on it and looked up at the ceiling. "Maybe it will be smashed into mud by something falling from above.." "Puff, or the walls on both sides are suddenly recycled, and we may be sandwiched into meat pies." King Ren glanced at Oshitari and followed his words. Uh-huh, that's right. TOKI turned around faintly, the light of the flashlight hit him from his chin, and his whole face was white, "but the most likely thing is." The button for the bomb. She held out a finger and pointed to a red light that kept flashing. "If you press it, it will explode so that you can't even find the bone." "Hello!"! Please don't be so unlucky! Qieyuan was frightened by TOKI's white face, which suddenly turned against the light. He rubbed the goose bumps that suddenly came out and shouted to the crowd, "Why don't you think about the good side, for example, the door will open when you press the button.." “…… The door opened,Magnetic Drain Plug, yes, and then a group of zombies came in through the door. Yiwu Yin appeared sadly behind Qieyuan, and his toneless voice was extremely frightening at this time. You look like a zombie to me. Riji sneered and did not hesitate to complain to Iwu. autoparts-dx.com