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The tip of his ear suddenly turned red. He turned his head violently. "It's all right. Let's go." Who Who wants them to make their own decisions! When I walked towards the car, I suddenly thought of something, and the boy's body suddenly stiffened. What's the matter? Chu Yu asked. I forgot to ask the driver to pick me up. Gu Chen frowned, looked at her thin skirt, some chagrin, picked up the phone, "I'm playing now, you wear a little thin, first find a shop to sit down." At that time, all his thoughts were on regret, and he completely forgot to call the driver to pick him up. Chu Yu wanted to take the subway or swallow it back into her mouth. She glanced at him and laughed softly. "It's not very cold. Don't worry." The teenager glared at her, made a phone call in a few words, came back and looked at her thin outside, approached and reached out to pull the zipper from the beginning to the end, only to the small chin, the tone was not very good, "Is your zipper a decoration?"? It would be strange if it wasn't cold. Chu Yu blinked, rare some speechless, outside the zipper is originally a decoration. Sometimes, the world view of an innocent little straight man is as different as a galaxy from that of a girl. Gu Chen pulled the zipper well and felt a little satisfied. Where do you want to sit? He was still a little worried that the night wind was a little cool, so it was safer to enter the store. Chu Yu didn't pull the zipper down after all. She raised her head and said, "Walk for a while." She laughed. I haven't been out for a long time. She looked up to the sky and curled the corners of her mouth. It was getting late, and the night was already dotted with a few stars, scattered around the moon,ultrasonic welding transducer, releasing soft light. Bright has bright beauty, light also has light beauty. I want to draw it. She did not move, Gu Chen also forgot to lift his feet. She was looking at the scenery, he was looking at her. Thick and long eyelashes, white and small chin, smiling at the night sky, he seemed to be able to hear the sound of delicate and elegant flowers slowly blooming in the wind. OK The teenager's voice was softer than ever. In the dark night, he seemed to hear a voice whispering in his heart,ultrasonic cutting machine, telling him that he was really finished. Planted in the hands of a little girl. And, it's sweet. So clear, so clear, that he could not escape. Go. His little troubles are pushing him. What are you thinking? She asked softly. Gu Chen smiles, the low voice already may hear some magnetism, he said, "is thinking of you." Think of Chu Yu, think of small trouble, think of silly girl, all all is her. Without waiting for her to react, he pushed her forward again, "I wonder if you will fall down later, and then your nose will be swollen and cry loudly." Chu Yu glared at him. Teenagers jumped back reflexively, not daring to approach the instigator, but did not change their words at all, muttering, "Walk without looking at the road, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, only remember to look at the sky, you still think you are a baby, someone is holding you at any time." "Or is it a small public lift, when you want to fall down, everyone has to cushion you, or cry for them to see?" Chu Yu:.. Some people can always force people who have no temper to jump. Chu Yu couldn't help hitting her, but her outstretched wrist was caught. Holding her wrist, the teenager suddenly took two quick steps to the front, with red ears. "But you can be one with me." "I'd love to," he whispered. He is willing to lead her all the way. So it doesn't matter if it's a wayward little princess or a spoiled little baby. If it is a small public, he will spoil it, and if it is a baby, he will spoil it. She is so lovely, and he likes all sides very much. He was very happy to spoil her. It was such a small voice, but Chu Yu heard it. Like a thin little feather, gently soft scratching. Summer clothes are relatively thin, the coat is also a thin layer, almost no effect, Chu Yu through the clothes can feel the temperature on his wrist, hot, hot. It's much better than burning her palms. She was stunned and suddenly felt that the tip of her heart had been burned. This feeling made her choose not to break away from his hand for a while, and at the same time, a slightly inexplicable sense of embarrassment made her choose to change the subject.
She smiled and said softly, "Do I need to call you dad?" The back of the teenager in front suddenly stiffened, and the corners of his mouth, which could not help laughing, suddenly twisted and gnashed his teeth, "You!"! Say! What! "" What dad! Chu Yu had no fear at all and smiled slightly. "Didn't you say I could be a baby?" She thought for a moment, her eyes curved, "Gu Baba?" Teenagers breathe disorderly, the whole person seems to be lit by the name of a bang, the whole person is ashamed of red, stammering and scolding, "Chu …" Chu Xiaoyu! You.. You, you don't talk! Look at his bluff appearance, Chu Yu always has a light temper, at this time the bottom of my heart a bad taste inexplicably slipped out, suddenly feel, let him show a different look. It's kind of fun. She smiled, suddenly stretched out her hand, a look of begging for a hug, "Gu Baba, to hug!" The baby is tired and doesn't want to go. Gu Chen's whole person was shocked. What. What? Hug! He was so angry that he held out his hand to him! I wonder if he can't help it? "You, you, you!" He blurted out, "How can a girl be so.." Thinking of the consequences he had blurted out, he hurriedly stopped his mouth and bit his tongue fiercely, and he cried out in pain. In case In case he yells at you.. He's really not afraid that she won't ask for a hug like this in the future. That is, she is such a weak girl, what if he says she is crying? … So just. Just hug. Give me a hug? He is not to take advantage of, is to be made to have no way. Ah. He convinced himself. Thinking about it, the boy raised his chin and said proudly with red ears,ultrasonic generator driver, "I'm afraid of you, just once." On the one hand, it was a lightning rush to get together. fycgsonic.com