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Platform Bed with Drawers: Best Bed for Storage and Style for any Bedroom

A bed with drawers adds functional storage space and great style to any bedroom whether it's for an adult, youth, or child. For more space-saving tips, Watch the video!

A bed with drawers is one of the most popular pieces of bedroom furniture for many people because of the additional storage features that are built right into the frame. The varieties of beds with drawers are almost endless today because of consumer's demand for not only storage space but the style in this specialty sleep furniture.

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Now, you can find a huge selection of storage beds that offer various places to store your items as well as well-built, quality furniture that fits in with any decor you have in mind. If you want to match a piece of furniture or purchase a whole bedroom suite, you will have no problems finding just what you prefer.

Most people choose a bed with drawers when they need to utilize all the floor space in their bedrooms to maximum advantage. Since these types of beds are built with a virtual dresser underneath the sleep space, beds with drawers can provide places to store all your clothes and accessories while clearing much-needed floor space in a bedroom. Who needs an extra chest or dresser when you can have as many as 12 spacious drawers built right under your platform bed?

Beds that are built with places to store items offer many configurations of drawers, compartments, and headboard features that make space-saving an easy thing to do in any bedroom. You can find twin sizes, full sizes, queen sizes, and king sizes that can have as little as 3 drawers on one side to a full 12 drawer system on all sides.

If you want a bed to push against a wall for extra floor space, you may want to select a size that offers 3 or 6 drawers on one side. Of course, the second layer of drawers will elevate the height of your sleep area, but most beds with drawers do not generally require box springs under a mattress which will keep even a frame with maximum drawers at a good height for users.

A Bed with Drawers Can Offer Up to 20 Drawers for Storage

Some bed frames are built to over the absolute maximum storage space which includes two layers of 6 drawers on all sides plus either 2 layers of drawers at the footboard or a compartment with a door. Also, an additional headboard may offer two layers of shelving and either two small drawers in the middle of the headboard or another compartment with a small door in which to store more small items.

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All in all, you can get a storage bed that provides you with a total of sixteen drawers at the maximum! That's a lot of places to store things and will free up your bedroom floor area at the same time.

There are various designs of beds with drawers that make it easy to find just the right one. From a captain's bed, a platform bed, or a storage bed to simple a frame under which a set of free-rolling bed drawers can be placed, the range of selection is very broad.

Each design also offers a unique style, color, material, and size that will suit just about any bedroom requirement. Today's beds made for storage are made for adults, youth, and children in mind, whereas in the past, most people associated with furniture such as captain's beds for only children and youth.

You can find quality beds for storage that are built specifically for adults that will please even the most discriminating designer. You can also find kids' beds with storage features. Contemporary, antique, cottage, nautical, and mission styles are just some of the interesting flavors that can be found among the various designs of sleep frames.

Also, if you want an entire set of bedroom storage furniture that not only provides under-bed storage but also extra matching bedroom pieces, there are many such sets designed for larger rooms. Whether you are looking for merely more storage space or both storage space and style for your next bed, be sure to compare quality, prices, warranties, and shipping info before you select your bed with drawers.

Also, don't forget about the wide variety of unique storage furniture such as ottoman beds or TV lift beds that offer more storage and sleep space in or out of the bedroom area.

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