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All-round talent (thunderstorm)

In this turbulent Libya everyone has guns and the young people in front of us naturally have them Uh When Fu Tianhao turned his head his eyes were still contemptuous and then the young man shot directly at Fu Tianhao Whoosh Fu Tianhao at the moment suddenly as if teleportation in general suddenly appeared behind him Chapter Three Hundred Strong Fu Tianhao (Part Two) "What" The young man looking at Fu Tianhao as if he were moving instantaneously could not help but be startled by Fu Tianhao's degree at the moment And the bullet he fired it fell through You know before Fu Tianhao and the other side of the distance but also very close just one meter and the bullet out of the degree that Commodity Chemicals must have a lot of But when the other side fired at Fu Tianhao Fu Tianhao was able to escape Indeed when Fu Tianhao was able to use the current his degree was enough to avoid the bullets but at that time Fu Tianhao the bullets were very far away if it was very close to Fu Tianhao it was not easy for him to avoid And at the moment of Fu Tianhao the degree seems to be teleportation in general when Fu Tianhao felt a bullet flying behind him that moment Fu Tianhao is directly opened the lightning skills and then a search then appeared behind the young man You know at this time Fu Tianhao is back to each other so at this moment Fu Tianhao can completely avoid each other's bullets and even can do as if teleportation in general all of a sudden toward the other side of the past this is very afraid At least at this moment Fu Tianhao's degree is much higher than that of Fu Tianhao before This this is impossible "At the moment the young man looked at Fu Tianhao in front of him It was like an instantaneous moving figure Fu Tianhao was surprised The young man suddenly remembered that he had seen the other party fall from the roof before and even died With this it seemed that the person in front of him was probably a person At the moment he can not help but look at Fu Tianhao in horror and at the moment Fu Tianhao face without the slightest expression and then looked at the young man in front of him suddenly gently raised his right hand Don't don't kill me "The young man in front of me suddenly reacted" This person's strength is like a person and he just wanted to kill him then even if he wants to kill himself now that is of course so of course he will be very afraid he does not want to die ah Not kill you At this moment Fu Tianhao raised his hand suddenly gently touched the young man in front of him suddenly the strong current then directly into his body If you want to kill me why can't I kill you Fu Tianhao at the moment to the other side suddenly said such a sentence at the moment Fu Tianhao used the current is his own before the other side of the brute force if you can like the brute force China Chemicals Suppliers can withstand such a strong current and not die then it is your luck Strength is the most important thing in the world Only with strength can we not be killed by others If before Fu Tianhao's strength is not enough I am afraid now has died in the hands of this brutal young man if this young man's strength is enough then he will not be so killed by Fu Tianhao Everything the most important thing is strength at this moment Fu Tianhao can not help but think Then he hurried to the place where his jeep was parked When Fu Tianhao passed the waiter in front of him the waiter already scared silly looked at Fu Tianhao toward him also did not have a trace of reaction Fu Tianhao did not look at him then went directly to the location of his jeep Previously for the sake of convenience Fu Tianhao parked his jeep not far from the opposite side of the building and did not let the waiter help him park so now Fu Tianhao sat directly on his jeep and then opened the jeep At this moment Fu Tianhao is preparing to go to the interim government of Zawiya Lao Tzu came back for revenge hoping that the brute force you did not go far at the moment Fu Tianhao thought so is directly started the jeep I hope the brute doesn't go far so I still have a chance to beat him Fu Tianhao at the moment is very want to fight with the brute force and then directly defeat him let him know his strength
At the moment Fu Tianhao's strength has nearly doubled which makes Fu Tianhao very happy When Fu Tianhao drove the jeep skillfully for a while he came to the side of the interim government At this moment Fu Tianhao parked his car in Catalysts and Additives front of a wall and then used his climbing skills to jump directly into the yard When Fu Tianhao was confused at the moment there was no soldier's guard in front of him and the bad thing was that there was no guard at the moment which surprised Fu Tianhao But Fu Tianhao thought about it and was relieved I'm afraid there are two possibilities The first one may be that Zavia knows that someone is attacking him so he intends to evacuate So the defense inside is naturally very weak Of course there is a second possibility That is when Zavia has experienced his own attack he understands that no one can touch him with brute force so he doesn't need to be so heavily guarded 、 A bunch of these soldiers I'm afraid are not as effective as a brute Since this is the case then of course he is only a brute force is enough As for those soldiers put so much is not to let Fu Tianhao was sneaked in It can be said that it is useless Fu Tianhao thought so then he was relieved No matter what I hope Zawia is still in this place In this way I can catch him myself Fu Tianhao is very hopeful at the moment is the second possibility as long as Zavia is here then he still has the possibility to catch Zavia if this guy is not here then he can have some trouble You know If Zawiya shifts his position how can Fu Tianhao find him This is not a needle in a haystack I had a hard time finding Zawiya If Zawia could avoid it it would be impossible for him to find him Fu Tianhao at the moment so a thought can not help but then some worry up globalchemmall.com