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Su Yan's eyes stared round, staring at Gu Sichen in front of him. ***! Isn't it just dissing each other? Gu Sichen has never been convinced by anyone. Su Yan gnashed his teeth, garbage! "These two people are really a natural couple." "Hey, are you really serious?"? You can tell at a glance that the young couple are playing around. Do you know who that man is? The president of GS group, which is the first consortium in Asia. The two of them must be playing. Don't listen to the wind or the rain. "Well, in this world, rational people are still greater than those who have no brains." Su Yan laughed, picked up one side of the convenience bag, just to go, the things in his hands were taken away by Gu Sichen in the past. He carried two shopping bags in one hand, while the other hand stretched out to hold Su Yan. Su Yan followed Gu Sichen and took his hand. Although there are many rational people, the brainless voice will eventually overwhelm the reason. Because brainless people have conspiracy theories! You can be convinced of everything, but you can't be convinced of conspiracy theories. Those people can turn what they don't have into what they have. How powerful are they? "Oh, go home." Su Yan shrugged his shoulders, what conspiracy theory ah this and that, from now on. As long as she didn't do something, she would fight back if she was blamed for the rumors. She can't continue to be a little sheep to be slaughtered casually. This will not work after all. On the bus, Su Yan held the orange in his hand, peeled the orange all the way, ate the orange all the way, and when he got home, there were few oranges left. Su Yan arranged all the ingredients. The play that should be washed, the cut that should be cut. You go ahead. I'll do it here myself. It'll take about an hour or two. Su Yan asked Gu Sichen to go to the study. She was alone in the living room making minced meat and watching variety shows. This kind of leisurely life is what everyone wants. Gu Sichen shook his head and refused to go. I'm with you. He said You will? Su Yan glanced at him in disbelief. Gu Sichen pursed his lips. "What's wrong?"? Can't you learn? "Well, you'd better not learn." By the way,Pi tape measure, what about mom when you go home? Is there anyone watching at the hospital? Su Yan looked at Gu Sichen, suddenly remembered Xu Xinyue in the hospital has no one to watch this matter. Gu Sichen pursed his lips and said slowly, "You don't have to worry about that. Someone is watching." "Who is it? Is it Dad?" Su Yan bit his lower lip, which was a very bold guess. Her guess is also right. He originally said that he wanted to go home, but later he said that he turned around at the gate of the hospital and saw so many old couples walking all the way to the old age. He doesn't think he can give up on mom. Although my mother was sorry for him when she was young, she didn't tell him. But who hasn't made a mistake when they are young! Look at what he means. He should be relieved. Think more about mom's good, in fact, this kind of thing. "Hey!" It's very difficult. Those who can pass are people with broad hearts. I can't get through. That is not narrow-mindedness, that is the three outlooks are too positive. People like Gu Rongyao, especially those with face. Now exposed. He can continue to choose Xu Xinyue, which is really a very interesting thing to learn. It's all right. Su Yan smiled and said, "Especially what you just said." Seeing so many old couples who had come all the way to the old age, horse weight tape ,Fiberglass tape measure, he felt that he could not give up his mother. If we have a quarrel in the future, we will also have a gap. Will you also tell the people around you, ah, you say. You won't give up on me? Su Yan raised her eyebrows and gossiped while cutting the vegetables in her hands. Not a day like that. Gu Sichen imitated the way she raised her eyebrows and stared at Su Yan. Su Yan giggled, withdrew his thoughts, tightened his hand holding the knife, and said out of the blue: "So confident." If you are too full, you will lose money, Mr. Gu. Chapter 801 is not so terrible. Chapter 801 is not so terrible. "What does it mean to lose if you are too full?" "Will you go if I can't go one by one?" Gu Sichen leaned back on the sofa, crossed his legs lazily, put his right hand on his knee, and knocked without a beat. Su Yan glanced at him, too lazy to pay attention to Gu Sichen.
Just now in the supermarket, the original joke was not big, but as soon as the word "Jiao Panting" came out, in an instant. I'm confused. Su Yan just opened a variety show on TV, the audience and the host have been laughing, Su Yan was stunned, but how can not follow the laughter. Gu Sichen skimmed Su Yan, who put the already stirred minced meat into the cut vegetables. Some seasonings, after stirring evenly, soon, the meat will come out of the fragrance. Gu Sichen ate dumplings cooked by himself for the first time. Gu Jia is a big family, one by one to conserve energy, few are willing to start making dumplings. It's a ghost to have it once or twice during the holidays. Usually eating dumplings is either restaurant, or the kind of hardcover frozen, boiled in the pot can be eaten. Where is the dumpling wrapper? Su Yan looked left and right, looking for a long time beside the meat stuffing. She clearly put the dumpling wrappers beside her. Turning his head again, he saw the man holding the dumpling wrapper in his hand and holding it straight over his head, as if he had seen a new continent, which was a curiosity. "Su Yan glanced at him." Oh, no. " Bring it here. Su Yan glared at him, "do you look stupid?" Gu Sichen smiled coldly and asked her, "Are you very clever?" "I'm not very smart, but I'm not stupid enough to look around like you, who don't even know the dumpling wrappers, right?" "I just saw a bug." Excuses! Where did you get the worms? Su Yan snorted coldly and opened the package of the dumpling wrapper. Gu Sichen suddenly asked her, "What do you mean?" "What is our home? Isn't my home your home?" Gu Sichen is staring at Su Yan, he catches other people's pigtails to be allowed, one catches one. Wrong,tape measure clip, wrong, don't say it. Su Yan hurriedly shook his hand, but quickly stop talking. tapemeasure.net