About Me

It is my experience that the fullest, most satisfying healing involves our whole person, mind, body, and spirit. Focusing on patterns of movement in the body as well as thinking, we work together to achieve your goals for therapy.
A body based and energetic focus is often a new and effective way for people to resolve issues that only talking about them did not reach. I look for resistance and protective actions that no longer serve a person. I emphasize developing aliveness in the body, feeling joyful, free, and peace.I focus on very early origins of trauma. Long suffering is often relieved by exploring prenatal/perinatal life experiences. Tracking somatic/energetic patterns, we explore subtle movement/thought patterns, places of tension, or rhythmic patterns that are happening.
I work with pregnancy, birth issues, infant mental health, post-partum, and parenting.
EMDR fits well into my practice because it is an effective and efficient way to access the nervous system and patterned memory to assist people in integrating overwhelming and maladaptive patterning as well as strengthen healthy regulation.
My practice includes all ages. As an artist and psychologist, I’m fascinated by what it is to be in human form! Being healthy/alive is not same for everyone. Let’s find together your unique fulfillment!