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"Loser!"! You can't even control a woman! The boatman swore, "What can I do?" Yan Yu kicked Lei Peng onto the boat, and he had already pulled out the spearhead of the fixed boat. Suddenly there was a scream, Yan Yu and the boatman looked back, and the boatman's son grabbed the crazy woman's hair and dragged it this way. At a very close distance, the mad woman's eyes were crazy, struggling to rush to the side of the boat, and her screams changed. Mom This sentence is very clear, Yan Yu was stunned. The stick in the boatman's hand hit Yan Yu's arm, the stick fell to the ground, and Yan Yu shook out the chain and hit the boatman in the face. The speed of the chain was so fast that the boatman could not dodge and was hit, and the blood beads gushed out in an instant. Yan Yu suddenly stepped back and jumped onto the boat which was far away from the shore. Chapter VII Yan Yu's hard swing, the boat away from the shore. The villager was afraid of Yan Yu's skill and only dared to jump on the shore. Yan Yu stared at the crazy woman who had collapsed on the ground, her face covered with blood. More and more distant, more and more blurred. The wind changed and the boat drifted further and further. Sister Yan, are you all right? At that time, Miu Miu hurriedly stepped forward to support Yan Yu and said,face recognition identification, "Are you hurt?" "Zhang Wei, go into the cabin and see if there are any tools to adjust the direction of the ship." Yan Yu covered his arm and turned to Zhang Wei and said, "There won't be only one boat in this place. They'll catch up with us right away. None of us can run away.". If you have a mobile phone, take out your mobile phone and see who has a signal to call the police immediately. "Huh?"? OK Zhang Wei was scared silly. They came from a city with good public security and had never experienced such a thing. There is no way to know what the boatman planned at the beginning, but now they are cornered. Zhang Wei took a deep breath and squatted down to lift the hatch. Yan Yu's expression was somewhat absent-minded, and his eyes were still staring at the shore. The cry seemed to be still in her ears, and she clenched her fist. Sister Yan? Only then did Yan Yu notice when Miu Miu came to his senses. "Huh?" Are you all right? "It's okay." Yan Yu shook his head and pushed Miu Miu's hand away. No signal! Lei Peng held his cell phone and his face was ashen. Mine has no signal either. Several people answered together. There was a dull pain in the shoulder,smart whiteboard price, and the wound on the other arm seemed to be splitting. Yan Yu wrapped the chain around his wrist and went to the bow to look at the engine. Manual old diesel engine, Yan Yu is confused. Can you drive away? Lei Peng held his glasses on the bridge of his nose and came over. If you don't go, those people will catch up with you. "I can't drive away." Yan Yu stood up to wipe off the oil on his hands and shook his head, "I'm a liberal arts student, and I know nothing about it." Lei Peng twisted his eyebrows and squatted down to pull the engine belt. "I know something about the principle of diesel engine, but I don't have any tools. Sister Yan, it would be much easier if I could find some tools like wrenches." Good luck can not always favor them, now the ship is downwind, who knows whether the wind will change later? "I'll look for it." Yan Yu took out a flashlight from his bag and jumped into the cabin. As soon as he jumped down, Zhang Wei inside screamed. The echo of the enclosed space was harsh, and Yan Yu was almost deafened. What are you doing? "You?" Zhang Wei took the flashlight to Yan Yu, still in shock, face detection android ,digital signage kiosk, "how did you come down?" "Looking for tools." The cabin stinks to high heaven, and there are all kinds of junk. It stinks in here. It's filthy. Zhang Wei approached Yan Yu and said, "It's all rubbish." Yan Yu took a look at Zhang Wei, continued to rummage in the garbage dump, suddenly touched a bag, pulled it out and threw it aside, and took it back to his eyes. Yan Yu pulled the bag full of dust at random and wiped it with his hand. Prada's silver logo reflected light, and Yan Yu breathed and held the bag tightly. What did you find? Zhang Wei asked. Yan Yu threw the bag back to Zhang Wei and said, "Look at it." Zhang Wei took the bag and turned it up and down. "It's just a bag. What's wrong?" "We have to leave quickly." Yan Yu did not explain, she accelerated the speed of rummaging, and finally found a machete and several nylon ropes. He carried it out of the cabin, and when he went up, he pulled the wound on his shoulder and took a cold breath of pain. Yan Yu went up to the deck and found that the wind direction had indeed changed. The boat drifted back, and sure enough, good luck would not always favor them.
Yan Yu took the machete and rope to the bow and saw that Lei Peng was still studying the engine and said, "I can't find any other tools. You can see if this can be used." "The ship went back." Lei Peng raised his wrist and looked at his watch and said, "We don't have much time." At that time, Miu Miu and the other two girls squatted nervously on one side, staring at Yan Yu and Lei Peng without blinking. Zhang Wei also got out of the cabin and threw his bag on the deck to collect countless dust. Yan Yu, what do you want this contract for? Miu Miu looked back and said, "Is the bag useful?" "Miu Miu, go and look at that bag." Yan Yu helped dismantle the engine shell without lifting his head. What happened to the bag? When Miu Miu stood up and walked to Zhang Wei, two hands holding the bag, the bag was too dusty, a thick layer, has been unable to see the true face. The only thing she could see was the logo, and she swallowed what she was going to say, wiping the logo, which was again buried in dust, and said, "This is not a Prada backpack."? Sister Yan? It looks a bit like a genuine product! How did this come about? "I found it in the cabin." Zhang Wei patted the dust on his body and said, "Yan Yu let me take it out." "Huh?" I have the same bag to be sure. How could a bag worth at least a few thousand yuan be in the cabin? "Picked it up?" Shi Miu Miu asked. Who would throw it? When Miu Miu took the bag and opened his mouth wide, a worse thought came to his mind. Originally, they thought that the boatman's sudden madness was without warning, but now it seems. "He's not a murderer or a robber, is he?" "Who knows?" Yan Yu did not draw a conclusion on this matter, the old man did not seem to be fully prepared to kill them at first, if they were really prepared, none of them could run away. An impromptu idea? Why? Too many questions,touch screen kiosk, no one can solve for Yan Yu. Sister Yan, are they catching up? When Miu Miu suddenly saw the boat in the lake, he ran quickly and grabbed Yan Yu's arm. "What should I do?" 。 hsdtouch.com